Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Whole New World

Well today starts a new journey in the world of Miranda – that of being a long distance girlfriend. Despite my worries, I adjusted quite quickly to being a girlfriend so let’s hope the transition goes as easily this time.

Last night Coach and I had a great “last” night together and just chilled out and watched a movie (I Am Number Four – very good BTW).  We spent the night much like you might imagine being incredibly sweet to each other and indulging in copious amounts of cuddling.  This morning he woke me up to another delicious series of orgasms.  That my friends is a hell of a way to start any day of the week!

Coach went through the ringer this morning too. First he went and said goodbye to his parents, then me, then his sister, and finally his kids. I think it about pushed him over the edge even knowing he was going to be home more weekends than not.  Our goodbye was both not as bad as I feared and more intense feeling than I expected. I did pretty good holding it together this morning until it was right at the time for him to start gathering up his stuff and leave.  Then I had a slight Miranda meltdown.

Coach was really sweet about it though.  He so doesn’t like it when I get upset.  The traitorous tears started slipping out despite my valiant efforts and next thing I knew he scooped me up and I was sitting on his lap like a little kid while he rubbed my back and I cried on his shoulder.  I finally gathered myself and he said I was killing him by crying lol.  I helped him carry his stuff downstairs and then we hugged some more and his eyes got all watery right as he was getting in the car to leave.  I wanted to be all “strong” and watch him leave but I ended up sprinting up the stairs to retreat to the safety of my apartment.  Where I could give in to my girly emotions and lay prostrate on the couch mourning the departure of my boyfriend (geeze can you tell I’m feeling a little dramatic right now?).

I was fine after a short lapse though I will admit I’ve been pretty mopey all day.  See Miranda has learned to express and deal with her feelings in the last year! No more suppressing – well almost no more suppressing!  HA! 

Gwyn called me shortly after Coach left and gave me a great analogy. She said to look at it like we’ve been banking up all this time together saving it up for the future. Now was the time to withdraw it bit by bit to get through the next few months.  I’m not sure if you’ll find it as funny but it made me laugh for sure. 


PS I just stumbled on a secret nugget. Duckie apparently applied for a line of credit with the jewelry store Jared.  I bet you anything he was going to give the GF a ring after our divorce was final. Damn her for going crazy and cocking it all up!

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  1. Damn I wish were closer and we could have a glass (read bottle or 12) of wine! I'll be thinking about you this week!