Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sexual Bucket List - TMI Tuesday

According to a website I was checking out today, here is a list of 50 sexual must-dos before you die. We'll tell you what we've done. Feel free to tell us yours! ;)

1. Kiss a girl
No - Jules
No - Gwyn
Yes - Miranda

2. Have anal
As often as possible, by that I mean at least weekly. - Jules
A couple of times with The Ex. Not a fan. - Gwyn
A couple of times. I prefer playing in that area in other ways than the penis. - Miranda

3. Have a threesome
Of course - Jules
No - Gwyn
No - Miranda

4. Engage in group sex
Yep - Jules
No - Gwyn
No - Miranda

5. Have phone sex
Yes, though I prefer webcam sex. - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Yes and I prefer phone to webcam - Miranda

6. Masturbate
Often - Jules
Sometimes - Gwyn
If no regular sex partner, often. - Miranda

7.Use a vibrator
See above, of course! - Jules
No - Gwyn
Hell yeah! - Miranda

8.Use a sex toy on someone else
Yes! - Jules
No - Gwyn
No but I've had someone use a sex toy on me. - Miranda

9. Be tied up
Why yes I have - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Yes!!!! - Miranda

10. Tie someone up
No because I like men to be in control during sex. - Jules
No - Gwyn
Yes though I prefer to be the submissive one. - Miranda

11.Have sex in a public space
Definitely - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Yes - Miranda

12. Be a voyeur and watch others having sex (live, porn does not count)
Yes, once in HS - Jules
Yes, but not on purpose - Gwyn
Yes though they didn't know I was watching. LOL - Miranda

13.Sex in a car
YES! (mostly a van, but yes cars too) - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Yes though I never think it's all it's chalked up to be. - Miranda

14. Sex at a drive-in
If it were 1955, maybe...but since it's not - No - Jules
No - Gwyn
What year is it? No - Miranda

15.Mile-high club
Sadly, not yet - Jules
No - Gwyn
No. Airplanes gross me out. - Miranda

16. Sex with a stranger
Of course - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Define stranger. Yes I guess - Miranda

17. One-night stand
Yep, lots - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
More than my fair share. - Miranda

18. Married sex (the best kind, in my opinion)
Yes I have, both with my husband and other women's - Jules
No - Gwyn
Yes by both Jules' definitions. - Miranda

19. Sex on a boat
Yes - Jules
No but it sounds fun - Gwyn
Yes! With the Giant this past summer. Mosquito bites on my ass. Enough said. - Miranda

20.Sex in a body of water
Oh yeah - Jules
No, too many germs! - Gwyn
Yes!!!!! - Miranda

21.Light spanking
Yes and I love it - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
If you don't leave a hand print don't bother. - Miranda

22. Read erotica
Yep, esp with the blog world - Jules
No - Gwyn
Yes - Miranda

23. Play strip poker/Monopoly/card game
Why yes I have - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Does strip Wii bowling count? - Miranda

24. Sex in the shower
Yeah, though I'm not a fan...slippery and a bit awkward. - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Hated it. - Miranda

25. Sex standing up against a wall
Yes and it was HOT - Jules
One of my favorites - Gwyn
I don't think so. Weird... - Miranda

26. Sex with no kissing
Frequently - Jules
Hahahaha all the time - Gwyn
Not even one peck? I don't think so. - Miranda

27. Sex in the pitch black
Yes - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Fun! Yes! - Miranda

28. Sex in the broad daylight
Yep and in public - lol! - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Yes - Miranda

29. Making out with no sex long after you're no longer a virgin
Lol, yes I have - I actually did this to Gavin for the 1st few dates. - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Yes. Though it's very hard to resist taking things further. - Miranda

30. Sex in a tent in the wilderness
Well if you count the beach as wilderness, the only time I've been camping was filled with great sex! - Jules
No - Gwyn
No but I'm game for it! - Miranda

31. Watch porn together
Dude, every time I see Gavin - he's a big fan. - Jules
Yes, tons of times - Gwyn
Yes, not a big porn fan though. - Miranda

32. Watch porn alone
Yes - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Yes - Miranda

33.Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms
Of course - Jules
No - Gwyn
Yes! I'm a late bloomer but hell yes! - Miranda

34. Sex on the beach
Again, as often as possible - Jules
Hooking up, yes - but no sex - Gwyn
Making out yes, no nookie. - Miranda

35. Blindfolds
Once - hated it - Jules
No - Gwyn
OMG love love love it! - Miranda

36. Using ice sexually
Oooh yeah - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Yes - Miranda

37.Sexual role play
Yeah, but again not a fan of this one - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Yes. Depends on my mood. - Miranda

38. Whipped cream
Oddly no - Jules
No - Gwyn
Yes. Way overrated! - Miranda

39. La Perla lingerie sex
No, not big on lingerie - Jules
Victoria's Secret I can't afford La Perla - Gwyn
That's a lot of money for very little clothing. - Miranda

40. Frederick's of Hollywood lingerie sex
See above - nope - Jules
No - Gwyn
Nope - Miranda

41. Sex with someone much older
Yeah, about 20 years older - Jules
No - Gwyn
Yes - 8 years older is my oldest - Miranda

42. Sex with someone younger (legal!)
Lol, of course - I'm equal opportunity - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Yes - three years younger is my youngest. - Miranda

43. Sex in a foreign country, possibly with a foreigner
Yes, but sadly not with a foreigner - Jules
No - Gwyn
No - Miranda

44. A quickie in a skirt
Yes - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Yes! A lot! - Miranda

45. A longie in the rain
Ha, yes - I mean it was raining outside while we were inside. - Jules
No - Gwyn
Not actually in the rain. - Miranda

46. Sex in the ocean while people swim all around you
Almost - fooled around in the ocean but no sex while others were around. - Jules
No - Gwyn
No thank you. - Miranda

47. Feather ticklers
Yes, lame - Jules
No - Gwyn
No. I'd feel like an ass! - Miranda

48. Sex while "altered" whether by alcohol or something else
ROFL now, um yeah - Jules
Hahahaha now that's funny - Gwyn
HAHAHA do you read this blog? - Miranda

49. Learn to orgasm in less than five minutes from intercourse alone
Oh I'm really cracking up now, of course! - Jules
Yes. I didn't realized that was something you had to learn - Gwyn
Yes - but only with a few guys. - Miranda

50. Silent sex in a full house
Frequently, thanks Gavin for teaching me to be quiet so we can fuck more. - Jules
Yes - Gwyn
Yes. Jules you've never been quite a day in your life! - Miranda

I've done 42 of those...so either it's a lame list or I'm adventurous, or both. - Jules

I think I've done 26 but I kind of lost count because I'm rushing lol - Gwyn

Par for the course I'm in the middle with 35. - Miranda


  1. OMG none of us are in the Mile High Club??? This was too funny. Miranda, I can be very quiet now. Just ask Gavin, we fuck all the time and Russell never knows. ;)

  2. #33- oh poor Gwyn, I hope you do one day. Sometimes I love the fact I can have 8 orgasms during my lunch break without taking any clothes off. LOL

  3. PS I can't believe I got #43 and none of you did! Go to Britain, you'll quickly add that one.

  4. I got 45 :-( I'm not sure if I should brag, or if I need to sign myself up for SA...