Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy VD!

Lol, now it's time for your resident cynic to weigh in...I'm not a fan of today. Russell and I always skipped it, citing it as a Hallmark Holiday. Today was my normal, very long, insane Monday. I left home at 7:45am for work, then class tonight until 8pm with a 45 minute drive home...good times. I did get a sweet text from Owen, a phone call that went unanswered from Gavin (too much pressure), and some oddly randomly nice texts from Clark. (Don't worry...I didn't get caught up in his moment of clarity.)

While I did nothing to note this day, I did have an amazing weekend. You guys know about Friday and Saturday with my team. Gavin has been on it lately. I reminded him last weekend that he is not the only member of the team and I think it shook him up a little because he's been fucking me lately like he's got something to prove. He called last night while I was watching the Grammy's with Russell and Chloe...twice. When I did not answer, he came over. Lucky for us, they both went to bed not long after his arrival and he took me into my room and put me on the bed on all fours and let me have it. I actually had to reposition myself some because my bed was making sooooo much noise I knew Russell would hear us! We hung out for a while after just doing our normal thing.

All the way around it was one of the most relaxing weekends probably due to the daily dose of multiple orgasms! Russell and I got along fantastically well! We even spent Saturday night home alone together when Chloe was gone on a sleepover...now that's something! I'm so very glad to be back into a good place with him that isn't forced. He leaves for LA tomorrow, so it's going to be a little stressful but with Gavin's help and my decision to cut class on Thursday we should be just fine.

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  1. "...because he's been fucking me lately like he's got something to prove."

    I just lol'd in my office on that one.