Friday, February 25, 2011

Overwhelmed Sums It Up

Miranda, you were right on with the overwhelmed. Things have been insane since Tuesday evening's romp with Owen. Not fun boy insane, work-school-life insane. I won't whine about it here because it's not the forum, but I've also been (hopefully) PMS-ing.

I saw Gavin Wednesday night for a little while, but he was annoying me and I wanted to sleep...so at 12am I literally kicked him out. He wasn't in a very sexual mood, nor was I really after 2 days of many orgasms so my need to sleep won out over all else. Sadly, I only got about 6 hours so the next night was worse.

Last night, I was exhausted. Exhausted like I was right after Chloe was born and I hadn't slept in weeks...that kind of god awful, I'm going to fall over now kind of tired. Gavin called me to tell me that the gf had almost had him arrested. I yelled at him for being stupid. Then he asked me to the movies and I told him in no uncertain terms that I did not want to go to the movies with him, but that I wanted to go home, eat dinner with my kid, and sleep. So what does he do? He comes over! Russell just laughed when he heard him outside. Bless his heart, I was not hospitable. He got the hint and kicked himself out and I went straight to sleep at about 10pm.

Today he calls me and tells me how our relationship is the best thing in his life and how easy and comfortable it is for him and he loves the sex. I just laughed at him and agreed that yes, the sex is good and it's easy. He cracks me up.

In other news that cracks me up, Josie and Clark have become quite chatty FB friends. Apparently, Wednesday they engaged in quite the chat about Clark's sexual fetishes and the convo ended with him inviting himself over for DP once he moves back to NC. Josie declined....ROFL. She did take great pleasure in telling him about my recent escapades with Owen and Gavin though, which did prompt some jealous texting from him. The good news is that I haven't heard a word from him since then. I'm back to being over him. I think we've run our course for real this time, but you never know with me. I have a weakness for hot men and he's hot, damn it.

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