Friday, February 18, 2011

The Demise of Duckie's Relationship

So the other day I left you hanging about Duckie’s break up with the GF. Apparently for a while now she’s been upset with him because he’d come up to my apartment to drop off something for the kids or pick up his alimony check or whatever. Now let’s put this in full context here. I bet he’s been in my apartment less than 15 times total in the last year.

So anyways, it sounds like they got in a slight tiff because one day a couple weeks ago Ladybug really wanted to see her Dad. We had just got home from the work/school routine and I saw Duckie’s car so I texted him and asked if it was ok that we stop by the GF’s apartment. (If you are a new reader she and I live in the same apartment building.) He, being the good dad, of course said yes. We stopped on the way up the stairs and he came out of the GF’s apartment and stood there for no more than five minutes talking to the kids and gave them both hugs. Then we went our separate ways.

Duckie said after that night things started falling apart and she came at him with a bunch of crazy ass stuff like I was trying to interfere in their relationship and he wasn’t making her his number one priority in his life. WTF? Clearly this woman is ass-backward insane. There was a bunch of more stuff he told me about her seeming to be jealous of the arrangement we have with the kids and over the fact that Duckie and I have a decent co-parenting relationship. Duckie also told me that back in early January when they broke up it was over the fact that he didn’t introduce her as his girlfriend to my sister and her husband in the middle of the welcoming line at church. Again WTF?

Duckie spilled even more by telling me that she and her ex have a really bad relationship and she was always whining to him about how her ex was acting. Sounds like there was a whole load of drama there. Duckie also told me he had been bothered more than once over how the GF’s 11 year old son would be rude or say rude things to him and the GF would never call our her son for bad behavior. The GF also said she thought it was inappropriate for him to come up to my apartment on CHRISTMAS morning and spend about an hour with the kids. WTF????? Though initially I thought she was nice, I think she’s probably bat shit crazy and clearly an incredibly needy person.

He and I had this little information exchange via email and it was interesting to get so much information out of him. He’s been pretty tight lipped in the past so I feel like this is a good step forward for us. I did feel extra bad for him though because this all happened the day before he was meeting with our divorce lawyer to start our final paperwork and it was also just a few days before Valentine’s Day. And I think he was sad about the breakup but I think at the same time he was realizing he deserved better than how she was treating him. I also think it’s a good sign that he’s willing to stand up for himself (for a change) and that he seems to be growing some form of a backbone. Let’s just hope he doesn’t try to use that backbone on me anytime soon!

Tonight I’ve organized a little surprise going away dinner for Coach and then a night out at one of the local clubs. There should be lots of people coming, including Gwyn who will get her first taste of the crazy small town life I’ve encountered through Coach’s friends. It should be an interesting night to say the least!


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