Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tequila...I Mean TMI Tuesday

If you could only have one adult beverage every day what would you choose to drink?
Margaritas. - Gwyn
Margaritas - Miranda
Wine - Jules

Have you ever gone to work intoxicated?
Yes - let me clarify. I have gone to jobs (but not any of my professional jobs) stoned and also hungover aka still drunk from the night before. Most recently, during my post-Hawaii breakdown, I enjoyed a margarita with Miranda during our lunch break but unfortunately I didn't drink enough to get drunk. -Gwyn
I have gone in the next morning after a bender definitely feeling drunk. One time in college while I was temping I had drinks at lunch and definitely went back to work drunk. - Miranda
I've gone to work still drunk from the night before many times. I can't work drunk. I did it once in High School and realized quickly that this was not the way for me. If I'm drinking, I'm drinking...not working!
- Jules

Have you ever been sent home from work (or fired) due to being intoxicated on the job?
Yes - when I was 19-20 years old I worked at a big resort here as a banquet server. We often worked large weddings and events with open bars. The banquet bartender was my boyfriend at the time's mother (the same boyfriend whose dog I locked in his bedroom when he wouldn't come pick her up from my house).
She would always give me drinks while we were working. This was before I had much of a tolerance and one particular time she gave me 4 LITs in a matter of about 2 hours, it didn't end well. More specifically it ended with me passed out in the employee break room until one of my managers found me, woke me up and sent me home. Thankfully the manager was also one of my friends so I didn't get in any trouble. -Gwyn

Nope though wouldn't that be a great story! I gotta say I love the idea of a young drunk Gwyn passed out in the break room! - Miranda
LOL, never - Jules

When a guy at the bar asks you if you want a shot, what kind do you most often suggest he buy?
I usually just say 'something fruity' and let him choose but if I had to get specific I'd say I prefer Red Headed Sluts (funny aside: did you know there's a shot called the Lindsay Lohan that's a red headed slut with a splash of coke...hahahhaa), Kamikazes or Royal Flushes. -Gwyn
A Piece of Ass (delicious and fun to order), SoCo and Lime, or a Royal Flush - Miranda
I tell him I don't do shots because it makes my clothes come off and then I follow that with whatever is shoved my way swearing that he'll regret this later when I'm puking. - Jules

Describe the worst drunk sex/hookup you've ever had (or at least remember having..).
Ummm...there are too many to try and remember and I can't say any one in particular was worse than another. If something comes to me I'll repost it later. - Gwyn
Hmmmm. Maybe the one where I slept with a friend's friend who she really liked? I never had the heart to fess up to it to her face though I have to say she didn't miss out on much. His penis was tiny! Actually, I'm going to change that.  Hooking up with Cabana Boy. That was bar none the worst drunk hook up and not just because he gave me chlamydia. - Miranda
Oh dear lord, there are sooooo many....um probably the worst recent one was fucking my next door neighbor last summer when Russell and I were in the midst of our shit and he was home and totally heard us. The worst historical one was I was super hot for this guy I worked with that my bff was also very hot for and had an on-off thing with. One night I ended up going home with him but because I was so drunk I simply could not get wet and we tried a variety of makeshift lubes to include butter. I'm sure my guilt was playing into it as well. She still doesn't know about that. There are more, but those two stick out the most. -Jules

Have you ever woken up next to someone the day after a drunk one night stand and not remembered the person's name? Details please.
No - but there have been plenty of times that the person I'm with has forgotten my name...by that I mean that he admitted that when I told him my name the night before he had no idea what I was saying. Yes, my name is that weird and yes people always pretend they understand what I'm saying when they probably think I'm speaking Chinese. -Gwyn
No I have always known at least their first name and generally I try to verify that they know my name before we go to bed.  Generally...not always lol. - Miranda
Ha, yes probably because I didn't bother asking it in the first place. - Jules

Do your prefer drunk sex or sober sex? Why?
Drunk sex for sure. I'm way more relaxed and much more in the moment than I am when I'm sober. -Gwyn
I can go either way though I think drunk sex is much more fun. I'm definitely more relaxed and open to trying all sorts of things. - Miranda
I like sex period - drunk, sober, high, whatever - slightly tipsy is my fave. - Jules


  1. Butter Jules? Butter? I like how you tried to gloss right over that one. Butter?????


  2. Yeah, I did a double take on that one. BUTTER?! Surely even a liquid oil would be better. Of course if you put butter down there, it might make a guy like it even more...

    PS Hope you just have a virus!

  3. Lol, yes butter. I think we were working with what we had. He was a 20 something bachelor...pickings are typically slim in those houses. I remember rummaging through his kitchen and that was the best we came up with . Funny how I was soooo drunk but that one detail stuck out.
    PS Me too short girl! Russell has the uncanny ability to tell when women are pregnant and he says I'm not. Here's hoping!