Friday, February 18, 2011

While the Mouse is Away...

I know it's the other way, but since I'm the one with the kitty...
Russell is in LA this week and Gavin has been around helping a lot (and busting me). Russell left Tuesday morning and Gavin was over here Tuesday night as soon as I got home. We had some super hot sex and he went home around 11pm. I went to bed and had promised Chloe that she could sleep with me. I picked her up, put her in my bed, and snuggled in. He came back into my room at 1:30am to tell me that the gf had kicked him out and in the process woke me up, scared the fuck out of me because I was sound asleep, and my screaming woke up Chloe. Chloe could not for the life of her figure out why Gavin was in our house at that hour, much less in my room. He went to lay down in his old room, much to his dismay.

Yesterday he picked Chloe up for me and was on babysitting duty so that I could go to school. Neither of us felt good, so no hanky panky, but he told me he'd see me the next day. What I didn't count on was the time of the next day...

Today I worked from home this morning and had informed Owen of this window of opportunity. He was texting me earlier this week recounting how hot Saturday was, so we were happy to have the house available and more full, open access than his van or the beach allows. He came over and crawled right in bed with me for some amazing, screaming, omfg sex. At one point in the midst of it, he heard a car and asked if I was expecting anyone because someone was here. I said "No, I'm sure it's the neighbors or something.". We actually fucked a little more and then got up to check, just to make sure. Neither of us saw anything, so we went back to it. As we are showering after about a billion orgasms (well only one for him but it was a BIG one), my phone rings and it's Gavin. After Owen left, I called Gavin back and he grilled me because it actually was my neighbor (it just so happened it was the one I'm fucking).

The funny thing is that he's seen that same van in my driveway before, because he has Owen radar. He took this opportunity to lecture me a little since I do the same to him, though he swears he's just been with me and the gf for the entire last year. I assured him that it was fine and we moved onto him inviting me to breakfast (which I had to decline because I was late for work at this point) and him discussing his afternoon plans with Chloe since he was picking her up today. I didn't hear another word from him all day, so I was wondering what was in store for me what I came home.

I came home to him grilling my dinner, shirtless I might add (ahhhhh....). He'd taken Chloe out on his wave runner and had spent another great day with her. We just hung out and talked for a long time. It was nice just chatting, nothing sexual. Before he left though, he looked at me with his cute puppy dog face and mentioned that he'd been a really good boy the last few days and since he's going to be off island this weekend wanted to know if he could have a blowjob to tide him over until he gets back Monday. I complied. I figured I'd throw him a bone since he let the Owen thing drop. He kissed me and left promising to call this weekend.

He told me tonight that he sees his life drastically changing over the next few months. It seems he's rethinking his decision (yet again) to live with the gf. I laughed out loud at him when he said this and pointed at his old house. I told him that last March he and I sat on that very porch on the very first day I met him and he'd told me the exact same thing, yet things went right back to the way they've been for years. He cracks me up. I've never seen anyone want a change so badly, yet be so completely unable to facilitate it for themselves.

Miranda and I were texting about him earlier today. He's just going to be gone for a few days on this trip and I know he'll call several times this weekend but this summer he's going to be gone for a month or two. Last summer when he went home, I didn't hear a peep from him while he was gone. We had a big fight right before he left, but he called me the day he got back onto the island. I'm curious to see what he does this summer. Things amped up between us when he got back almost immediately and have been going at this level every since. I'm curious how it will go this summer. Will I take this as my opportunity to move on or will I remain in complacent, sexual bliss?

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