Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Forecast - Partly Sunny

After a good 48 hours of moping I think the fog has lifted and Miranda is back to being Miranda. Well for the most part, if work doesn’t cause me to go postal and take out my whole department before the end of the week.

I was pathetically mopey Sunday afternoon after Coach left and yesterday I swung wildly between being grouchy about him being gone and psychotically irritated with the idiots Gwyn and I work with every day. I told Jules that her Clark drama was a good distraction but damn it, that still didn’t make it worth the ruckus she’s causing on the east coast!

Last night while I was watching Weeds (my current TV obsession), I was thinking that this long distance thing with Coach was a good twist of fate to remind me not to wrap myself up totally in any guy no matter how good things are. I know Coach and I have been spending way more time together than we normally would have at this point in a relationship since we knew he was moving, but it did make things get intense fast. Having this time/distance between us I think will be healthy for me and make me focus on “me” instead of “us.” At least that’s what I pepped talked myself into believing this morning.

It is weird to hear him talk about how nice people are at his new job or figuring out his way around town. And hearing him talk about nice apartments he’s seen in the area is just about too much for me right now. The totally teenage part of me wants him to hate it up there and for there to be no redeeming qualities about the job or the city, however, the grown up part of me will admit I want him to be happy and enjoy his life regardless of if he’s living in the same town as me or 324 miles away.

On the plus side though, I can totally selfishly control my TV, wear my grungiest lounging around the house clothes, and I don’t even think twice about what pair of underwear I’m wearing these days. And I have felt more than a little like I was neglecting my girlfriends by being wrapped up in “Coach World” so it’s nice to be able to balance all that out and get in some good girl time with them.

So I guess just a few days into this long distance thing, things aren’t looking near as bad as I thought.



  1. As the designated pessimist of the group, I must say I am glad to hear you had the revelation about getting too close to someone too soon and how it amps up the intensity!!!

    You know I love Coach and think he treats you well (except for his propensity for lying) but I do regularly find myself reminding you that it's only been about SIX WEEKS of you guys being boyfriend and girlfriend. You were happy before that six weeks began, maybe a little poorer and sluttier, but still happy :)

    I've seen so many of my friends put all of their happiness into a man really quickly only to be crushed when things don't work out. Personally, I don't think it's EVER a good idea to let any one person/thing have that much influence over your happiness whether it be a boyfriend, beer, drugs, a best friend, etc. Because when it comes down to it one day we're all going to be alone and being alone is a lot easier when you don't rely on other people or things to be happy. Not that my completely detached method is the best either, i just think we need to find happy mediums :)


  2. I just have one suggestion, a high quality web-cam, a good chair that reclines, lot of batteries, and Skype.


    Good luck on the LDR.

  3. I second these comments! I'm glad you're feeling better and looking it from a new point of view. Everything happens for a reason and I'll try to minimize my Clark drama from here on out.