Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Domestic Bliss + A Whole Lot of Orgasams

So the last week has pretty much been a domestic revival for me. Once the kids switched back to Duckie’s I invited Coach to stay with me the whole week. And he did because he’s pretty much relative couch surfing until he moves to DC in a couple weeks. We have lived together for all intents and purposes for the last week though it’s on the kibosh now since I get the kids back today.

I have to say I was a little worried that I’d start jonesing for “me” time but it’s really been pretty great.  I had forgotten what it was like to have someone you actually like around most of the time. HA!  We went out to eat a couple nights, I cooked dinner one night and we played a very nerdy yet fun game of Trivial Pursuit, we went out to hear a friend’s band play another night.  All in all it was a very domestic week though there were a few points of excitement.

One night we were having dinner at a local sports bar and watching a basketball game.  There was a table of increasingly rowdy drunks next to us and they were quite entertaining. At one point in the night an older women from that table stumbled over to ours and said, “Yall are so fucking cute together.  We’re all sitting there watching you and we can’t get over how sweet yall are.”  We busted out laughing, thanked her, and sent her on the way.  Crazy!

Saturday night when we were out at the bar listening to a friend’s band, we were obviously doing a little drinking.  Ok a lot of drinking. As the night wore on we had a very random conversation in which Coach said he thinks about us having a future. As in married in a house with all four of our kids there.  How this came up was someone kept  teasing us about being lovey dovey with each other and asked when the wedding date was.  We laughed about it and then a few minutes later he turned to me and said that he thought about future stuff with us.  I literally froze like a deer in the headlights and he clarified that he knew things were still really early but he had thought about what a future could be for us.  After a couple big gulps I admitted it had crossed my mind too.  Then we went back to dancing. It was crazy!

Also, Coach’s ex has flipped her freaking lid over me and him. I’m not entirely sure why but she’s being a total bitch to him and putting the kids in the middle.  It’s way too complicated to go into here but if there’s a dirty, bitchy trick, she’s pulled it.  It’s seriously disgusting.  I hate it too because I feel like I don’t want to get in the middle of it but part of me wants to tell her exactly what I think of her behavior.  Like three times now we’ve planned to take his boys to dinner so I could meet them and she has pulled some reason out of her ass at the last minute.  We’re going to attempt it again tomorrow but I’m not holding my breath.  If anyone has any bright ideas on winning over your boyfriend’s ex, I’m all ears!

I am just a short six or so weeks out from being officially divorced and I can’t wait.  We negotiated doing our taxes this week and it was incredibly painful.  But telling Duckie to relay to our divorce lawyer that I wanted to take my maiden name back felt great.  I’m so ready to have this divorce final so I can stop always taking the high road with Duckie.

And incidentally I have to say having sex with Coach is amazing.  He’s so freaking good in bed and he has these huge hands that just hit every right spot on my body.  I swear I’ve had more orgasms in the last month than I had in my whole entire marriage. Hell, we’ve had sex every night except for when I was in Hawaii.  It’s seriously outrageous! I haven’t even had my vibrator out in a month!



  1. Lady!! I am so happy for you!!I cannot wait until we get to meet this guy!
    My only advice about this "ex" issue is to just let him handle it, he is obviously the kind of man that handle his own business, so let him. Whatever her real issue is, it probably has nothing to do with you, personally. Lets just put it out there not all women( or men) are rational creatures, but it will all work out.
    That out of the way, just enjoy this time! Enjoy the journey of making a new relationship, enjoy being with this wonderful man that LOVES you! Enjoy your domestic time with him, enjoy the time you get to watch him with the kids....notice the theme?? ENJOY!! You deserve every smile he puts on her face, not to mention all the orgasms!!! ;-)
    btw... i know its early, but if you ever need help moving again(like in with Coach) we are always available! LOL

  2. I'm happy for you too! I can't wait to meet him in June!! I totally agree with Josie - let him handle the ex situation.
    PS Let me know if I need to plan an August wedding here on the island. ;)