Monday, February 28, 2011

Straight Pimpin

I need a sitter...my sitter needs blow jobs. Is that really pimping myself out if I think he's hot and I fuck him anyway?

I've been putting Gavin off all weekend. Russell was closing, but damn it all I started my period and felt like crap Friday and Saturday. The good news is that I started my period though!! Hot Damn! Anyway, I told Gavin he could not come party at my house this weekend because I wasn't feeling it. I have seriously felt like crap for the last few weeks. I think it's stress, but I felt great today.

I was talking to Russell tonight about Chloe's spring break and trying to arrange the week with minimal cost. I suggested that the one day we hadn't covered could be a Camp Gavin Day. I literally finished typing the words to Russell and Gavin called. I asked him if he would please take care of her that day and bless his sweet, darling heart he readily agreed. He said he loves keeping her and would be happy to do so and then he invited himself over.

He came over super horny, as usual. He'd called me this morning and told me how horny he was and that he'd told one of his friends about me and really wanted us all to have a threesome soon. I haven't seen this guy, so that's TBD but if he's hot I'm on it. When he came over tonight, he came into the kitchen and started playing with me immediately. I told him I was bleeding and he said he'd take it in other areas. I ended up just blowing him (twice). I'm pretty happy with him when he agrees to help me out with the kid. It's so hard here not having any family, so I'm happy to keep him happy at times in order to have some extra help. Call it what you want, but it works for me. ;) It also gave me huge points with him and I know I'll get some fucking intense sex in return later this week for my efforts this evening.

Owen texted me today to see when I could see him this week. OMG I should have become a lot busier a lot sooner because now that he knows my time is so limited, he's at my freaking beck and call. It's awesome! I believe we're set for Wednesday morning before work if all goes as planned.

Clark texted me yesterday and asked for money. It seems his pay was docked for the incidents that are resulting in his discharge, so his check was only $300. While I feel sorry for him, it's not my problem so I declined his request. He caused all of this for himself and I refuse to get wrapped up in someone else's drama.

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