Saturday, February 5, 2011

If I'd Had Less to Drink...

I probably would have stopped and had a rape kit done. The 3rd time was not a charm today. Penn texted me tonight and asked me to come over. I agreed despite my whoreish morning and after Chloe went to bed I was ready to head out, except Gavin came over again. He was high (and not in a fun way) and so I kind of pushed him out the door. I wish now that I'd just stayed.

I went to Penn's house and we did our usual - wine on the balcony and hanging out. He was pretty drunk because when his roommates came home he started doing shots with them. I declined, but I had started drinking at 4pm and it was about 10pm at this point. Finally he was ready to move things into his "room" and I complied. We started having sex and he chastised me for being too loud. I was on top of him and he actually told me that if I wasn't quiet, he would stop having sex with me. I replied that I didn't think so because he loved it and it went downhill from there. Honestly, I thought we were playing a dominating game at this point.

He flipped me over and put me into what is my favorite position, but is also a very dominating one where the guy is on top of you while you're flat on your stomach. Of course I proceeded to cum, which seemed to aggravate him. His response was to take his large dick out of the kitty and stick it up my ass. I was not prepared for this and yes, a louder reaction from me came. I told him to stop and he didn't. We all know I love anal, but communicated anal. He continued to take my ass and when he came, he rolled off me and told me that in the future when he told me to shut up, I better do it. I told him that I would  gladly pack up and leave right now if he felt that way and so I did. At the elevator, he said "All I was trying to do was get you be quiet".

First of all, MF if you want a girl to be quiet, DO NOT stick your giant cock in her ass. Secondly, there are about 1000 other ways to quiet a girl having sex with you....for example, stick your tongue in her mouth. He did this during the first part and it worked well. I could keep going, but why?

I sent him some seething texts before I deleted his phone number from my phone. I told him that I was contemplating stopping at the hospital on the way home, but ultimately decided to not ruin his life in an effort to get his negative energy off the island.  I also didn't do it because I have been drinking and I thought that would be used against me. Furthermore, I did agree to sex. I did NOT agree to what he did to me though.

Monday he has a physical with the Coast Guard to get in. He's been applying for a while and so I think he was sabotaging our "relationship" tonight in an effort to make it easier to go, but raping me really wasn't the way to accomplish that. I feel guilty that I considered pressing charges against someone that I willingly engaged in some form of sex with tonight, but I feel even more so that I didn't press them after he did what he did. I hope this is not a trend for him, but rather a horrible drunken incident that will never, ever be repeated. Needless to say, we're finished. I know that regardless of how I handle it, it will come back to bite him in the ass and I hope it hurts.


  1. OMG OMG OMG Jules. I'm so sorry this happened. I know you know everything I want to say and everything I will say when we talk about this later today. I wish I was on the island right now to hug you and then hunt this asshole down and give him a dose of his own medicine.

    This is so not ok under any circumstances. This is why I hate living 5000 miles away from you.


  2. Unfortunately, I know how you feel. I read this and then literally got sick. Do not beat yourself up about what you think you should have done or not done. The little mother fucker will get what he deserves, I totally believe in Karma and it most certainly will bite him in the ass!!
    I am so sorry you have to go through this, please call or text if you need me!! Love you HUGS!!

  3. What a bastard. What should have been passionate and fun turned to crap because he cant hold his liquor. What a punk, and what a loss for him. I'm sorry this happened to you.

  4. Thank you guys! After confronting him, I actually feel better. It helps that he apologized too. It doesn't excuse it, but it makes it easier to deal with.