Friday, February 4, 2011

More Dirty Girl

Oh my, I've been a bad girl this week and making up for the lost week of no sex. Yesterday was pretty low key after my big night of sex Wednesday, but Owen started texting me about 10:30 and we exchanged some steamy sexts for about an hour that resulted in our setting up a quickie this morning before some training he had to do in town. I swear to god that man can make me cum more in a few minutes than most men can in hours. He is amazing.

He came into my bedroom  and  I had my new toys out. Other than the glass dildo, which I'll get to in a second...I also bought a pretty big vibrating butt plug. I love it and I had it in today thinking that he would enjoy the sensations against his cock and that the large size of both him and that toy would be super intense for me. I thought correctly. It was so fabulous (for both of us)! We were in my favorite position at the end and when he was about to cum, he rolled off me and asked me to suck him. He came quickly for Owen and then had to run, but before he could leave he couldn't resist playing with my new glass toy and bringing me to another orgasm. He told me to take over for him and I continued to play some more. As he was leaving, he bent over and kissed his way up to my nipples and then kissed me before going. I came again pretty much as he was getting into his van.  I texted him when I finished with a final orgasm count. He was impressed. ;)

About an hour after he left, Gavin called. I'd told him earlier in the week that I was off today and he came over to do some stuff on the computer for his kid. I've been helping him compose and send out emails this week for his son's dirt bike racing and work on getting sponsorships. His kid is really awesome, but that's not for this blog. He mentioned how pissed the gf was that I'm doing this, but please note that she isn't nor has she taken any interest in it previously. I hope this will motivate her to do so, kids need ALL the support they can get...self absorbed bitch, but I digress.

In the midst of showing me stuff, he mentioned that he was horny. I was walking into the other room and asked him to repeat. When I came back in, he had his cock out and asked if I wanted some. What's a girl to say to that? Why yes, yes I would! I got him nice and hard and then we had some really great sex. His favorite position is for him to be sitting on my desk chair and for me to reverse cowgirl ride him. He says he loves to watch my ass bounce off him and I love it because it's so deep and I can control how fast and hard I'm getting it. It was a lot longer than he normally goes and he made me cum repeatedly. Finally when he couldn't take it anymore, I hopped off him and sucked him as well. He LOVES that just as much as Owen. I think it's an ego trip thing for a guy to watch you take it all in. Men, feel free to weigh in on why you like to cum in our mouths so much. I like it because it seems safer in general. I trust the pill, but I'm always afraid of that .01% chance. We resumed working on his son's stuff, but it took me a minute to get my head back into the game. My legs were literally shaking after we finished. It was one of the best times with him!

In Penn news, he texted me last night at 2am...I didn't respond because I was sleeping. He and I were talking the other day when I saw him about swingers parties. There is a group here in town that hosts a party fairly frequently. The next party is February 12th for Valentine's Day. This morning in between Owen and Gavin, I sent him the link and asked him if he seriously wanted to go and he said yes. I'm actually nervous about going. Gavin has asked me many times to go and I've declined. Clark wanted me to as well, but it just seems weird. We'll see if I can drum up the courage. My fear is that it's all old, fat men.


  1. Hot week!

    I think for me, the act of swallowing is like being told you're the hottest guy in the world; "you're so hot they I'm going to do this thing that most girls wouldn't do, and I'm going to enjoy because that's how much you turn me on." It's like the sexual equivalent of someone surprising you with soup in bed when you're sick.

  2. I need some new friends...holy shit I haven't had sex in quite a while.

    CIM...(Cum In Mouth)...Love it...

    It is a different sensation than cumming in a pussy or in a condom. One of the major things is that I am not in control of the motion. In a pussy the sensation gets so much my body stops moving and I just tense and cum. In your mouth you keep the motions up and it stimulates the hell out of me. In a pussy the cum makes things slicker (more friction/less sensation). In a mouth, if you swallow, more friction/more sensation.

    I have nearly passed out from cumming so hard in someone's mouth. The fact that you are swallowing down my cum makes me feel that you really like me. It makes me feel clean. When a girl treats my cum like toxic waste I feel like there was no connection at all.

    BTW, I LOVE to kiss after I have cum in a girls mouth. Sounds a little weird but I love to do it...I can almost cum again doing this.

  3. Thanks for the explanations! I get it now! ;)