Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And a Little Bit of Awkward Sex

Last night was fucking porn star sex, well this afternoon was a little bit of awkward. No worries - it ended well but damn if it wasn't an effort! ;)

Owen has been hot on me to get back over and this afternoon following work was a great time (or so we thought). We didn't factor in the interruptions. It started with me telling him that I'd be waiting for him on the couch since I could hear the teenage boys right outside my bedroom window and didn't think that would be a good idea. I cannot (no matter how hard I try) have quiet sex with Owen. It is NOT possible. He and I had made some specific requests from each other today via sexting that we both wanted. He wanted some super sloppy, wet head and I wanted to ride him while he sucked my nipples (which he said he would gladly do and preferred if I also had my new vibrating plug in my other hole). Um, yes!!

He gets here and right before he came in, Gavin starts calling (I'm not kidding...like twice). Owen comes in and we get right into fulfilling each other's requests. It's hotter than hell here right now because we have no tradewinds at the moment and sadly this house has no AC. Within minutes, we were dripping in sweat. Despite this, we're going at it and moving all around my living room until I'm finally pinned up against the wall with him behind me and we hear a knock at the door followed by "Aunty Jules is Chloe home?". Three nanoseconds prior to this I was cumming...bye bye mood. I started laughing and he raced into the bathroom and I told her through the window that Chloe was not home and would not be back anytime soon. She left and he came back out to finish things up. At that point, we had kind of lost it so he starts again back in my ass but it wasn't overly comfortable because my mood was shot at that moment. We move back to the couch and resume other activities while totally dripping sweat all over each other. The couch is a bit awkward for us too because he's so tall, but we managed to work it out after some rearranging. We fucked for a while longer and he finally came.

It was pretty funny afterward and we joked that maybe the 6 o'clock hour in a hot house with small kids running around and paper thin walls might not be our best time for the activities that we seem to so loudly enjoy. It all ended well and we were both very satisfied, but it was totally awkward in the making of such happen. I think next week will either be back on the beach, in his van, or during the morning hours here when everyone else is working or in school!