Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Single Awareness Day

I've had good Valentine's Days and bad ones and everything in between. I think this is my third one in a row as a single girl...I'm not really sure, you guys know I'm not into all that sentimental crap.

So here's how Valentine's Day went for single Gwyn....

I came home Sunday (after running in a marathon relay...sounded better in theory than it was in reality) to a card from my mom with a heart shaped box of Reeses cups. My grandmother also sent me an e-card via her iPad lol. She has the flu so she said "I'm sorry I didn't buy you a real card. This damn flu has me operating two weeks behind schedule." God I love her.

On Monday, I woke up and went to work as usual. I got asked to be someone's "work valentine" at about 3pm - this someone is our IT guy who has no chin/neck and has a girlfriend (and dressed as a vagina for Halloween). Score. I almost forgot that I did have some chocolate from Miranda waiting for me at my desk when I got to work :) No one wished me a happy valentine's day via text, email, FB, nothing. I did have an FB friend request from a hottie who's a friend of a friend but whom I've never met...the kicker here is that he's not only a Virgo (my curse) but a Virgo born on September 15th. I mean, really. Who else continuously attracts guys with the exact same birthdate???? I'm supposed to be playing kickball on a team that he's a part of so if my normal weirdo magnet is still working I'm guessing there could be more to develop with this story.

I decided at about 4pm that I was going to go out with my guy BFF who also doubled as my valentine for the day (I can't remember the nickname I've given him in older posts, forgive me) to play BINGO at a bar downtown with a bunch of our other single friends. Well, to play BINGO and to get drunk. It turned out to be a really fun night. No random hookups (the sex drive issue is still in full effect) but I did get hit on by first a 20 year old cop (shout out to Jules lol) and immediately following... a paramedic. Hello people I smoke pot I can't be dating public servants. Anyways, both were very nice but neither was my type physically. And damned if the cop didn't stalk me on FB and send me a friend request this morning which I just denied. The perks of having a weird name and living in a small town never end.

So that was my day. Very exciting, I know. I ended up in bed alone at 3:45am after stopping at an all night diner with my valentine and eating BLTs with fries. Apparently, I also ordered some chocolate pie to go which I was surprised by this morning when I opened my refrigerator. Drunk me was planning ahead, she knows I love sweets.


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