Friday, February 25, 2011

This Week Hasn't Sucked

Geeze you know we’re all totally overwhelmed when we haven’t posted a single post since Tuesday!

Week one of the long distance relationship is down and after the initial blues I have to say it really wasn’t a big deal. I’m sure with time I’ll get more annoyed or whatever but for now it doesn’t totally suck.

I think in large part the lack of suck-age is because Coach has done great at staying in touch. We talk usually twice a day and he’ll email every now and again. And of course we text so outside of not actually seeing him, it hasn’t felt too different.

Wednesday night was Wine Wednesday with the girls and a total blast. On the way home I was talking to Coach and we started a little dirty talk. Now Coach gets flustered easily. He’s so not a dirty talker. I’ve been working on that with him though! HA! So anyway, we were just flirty talking and it got more and more intense and ended with me sprinting up the stairs (half drunk in heels mind you), racing in my apartment, and clothes flying everywhere as I crawled in my bed to really get things going. And I have to say, my tutelage has paid off. Coach did a damn fine job dirty talking and much phone sex was had by all! HA!

Really because of the ongoing contact, this week hasn’t been bad. Last night was the first “night” I was really home alone and while it felt different, it wasn’t bad at all. I totally vegged out on the couch and watched tons of shows I had DVR’d. It’s a good thing with the way Duckie and I share the kids though because I’m pretty damn sure if I had to do five days in a row of being at home alone, party girl Miranda would be itching to get out.

The distance thing has been good because I’m super excited to see Coach tonight. When you see someone every day you are still happy to see them but that “thrill” or “anticipation” definitely fades. While he’s looking for an apartment he will be coming home every weekend so that’s a nice bonus. I wonder though how it will feel different when he has a permanent place to live up in DC. I mean then I’ll have the option to go up and see him but doing the weekend thing is going to be a weird way to maintain a relationship. Guess we’ll just see what happens.


PS Edited to add that already with Coach on his way home his ex is being a total bitch and trying to make him feel guilty for every minute he's going to spend away from his kids and with me.  Of course she's the one who insists that it's "not the right time" for me to meet their kids. Oh the joys of dating a gimp with a crazy ex.

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