Tuesday, April 26, 2011

TMI Tuesday - Last Rites

Last time you cried.
Probably a couple weeks ago thinking about my dad. - Miranda
Friday, after a sobering conversation with a realtor. -Gwyn
Last Thursday when Chloe won her school's storytelling contest - Jules

Last time you had an orgasm.
Last night with Coach and his awesome hands! - Miranda
Hmmmmm I guess that would be with Popeye on our visit to Hawaii. I'm still a born again virgin since then. -Gwyn
Saturday night with Gavin - Jules

Last time you said I love you.
This morning when I was leaving for work (said to Coach)  - Miranda
Last night. Don't get excited, I said it to my Mom and Grandmother. -Gwyn
10 minutes ago when I dropped Chloe off at school - Jules

Last time you kissed someone.
This morning when I said bye to Coach. - Miranda
Popeye holds this honor as well. This is getting a little depressing lol. -Gwyn
Last time I saw Owen  - Jules

Last place you want to be right now.
Sadly where I'm at right now - at my desk at the hellhole I call work. - Miranda
Ditto Miranda. I can feel your pain through our shared office wall. -Gwyn
At Gwyn and Miranda's work - sounds awful! - Jules

Last place you want someone to touch you.
Hmmmm my armpit? I read something once about the armpit being an erogenous zone and just thought that was the weirdest thing ever. - Miranda
I don't like people touching my stomach. I don't really know why, I just know I don't like it. -Gwyn
I'm with Miranda on the armpit thing - gross! - Jules

Last thing you want to do in bed.
Eat. For some reason I really hate eating in bed. No clue why. - Miranda
I think it'd be pretty hard to come up with something I wouldn't want to do in bed. If it were up to me I'd work from my bed. Haha Miranda I eat in my bed all the time. Maybe you don't want to mess up your fancy duvet? -Gwyn
Go to the bathroom, otherwise I would love all activities to be centered there. - Jules

Last time you wanted to kill someone.
Yesterday during mine and Gwyn's very annoying 4 hour hellacious meeting that included people slamming their hands on the table and others crying. - Miranda
I'm pretty much in a constant state of wanting to kill someone. There are a couple people on my list today. -Gwyn
Last week when another mom at Chloe's school was mean to her. I put Russell on her and after his very condescending convo with her, I doubt we'll ever have another problem. If I'd handled it, the bitch would be in the hospital wishing she were dead. You do NOT mess with my kid. - Jules

Last time you were really mad.
Probably when I was psycho and broke up with Coach. - Miranda
Omg Miranda if we have to tell you one more time - you weren't psycho!!! I've been really mad since yesterday at approximately 10am when the meeting from hell commenced. Outside of work I'm pretty laid back and don't really get mad about much but work really has a way of bringing it out in me. So does the soccer field. -Gwyn
See the above reference to killing and right now that Miranda has convinced herself that she's the one with issues. Miranda, you were NOT psycho, hello! - Jules

Last time you got dressed to the nines.
Hmmm, it's been a while.  I "dress up" every day for work but I don't do the full out hair/nails/makeup/dress package for work.  Probably a few weeks ago when Coach and I went to a concert. I wore this cute little hippie looking dress that was very low cut with a cropped jean jacket and cowboy boots.  To be fair it was a country concert. Not exactly black tie but it's about as dressed up as Miranda gets these days. - Miranda
Saturday night to go out with some friends. I wore a short black dress and some platform heels...curled my hair...full makeup....perfume....jewelry...the works. I didn't pay for the cab rides to and from the club or for any alcohol that night so I guess it was a good outfit choice. -Gwyn
My brother's wedding...in 2008. I don't even own pantyhose or closed toed shoes anymore. - Jules

Last time you used sex to get what you want.
Last weekend I was annoyed that Coach was caving to the demands of his EX. We were on the balcony at my apartment that night talking about it and I was trying to pump him up to fight back. I was sitting on his lap and a little innocent gyrations soon turned in a a full reverse cowgirl style sex attack in one of my Adirondack  chairs.  It was hot! And for the record, after we were done he totally did stand up to her. - Miranda
Well, since I haven't had sex in a few months this is a tough one. I used to use it with The Barber to get what I wanted but mainly that was just his undivided attention and that clearly didn't work out for me. I've never really used sex as a weapon with Romeo (the last person I slept with excluding Popeye) but I will say that my recent virginal status has made him crazy and he pays me more attention now than he did when I was giving it up. If you count using cleavage/legs/ass to get what I want then I'd say the last time I did that was Saturday night lol. -Gwyn
I don' t use sex to get what I want. I use my words for that. - Jules

Last time you picked up a guy at a bar.
Technically Coach and I met at a bar when we first went out. Before him I'd say it was either the friend of SoCo's or the Jolly Green Giant. - Miranda  
Omg I forgot about the Jolly Green Giant! That was quite a night! The last guy I picked up at a bar was Baby Boy. Incidentally, when Romeo and I first met I 'picked him up' at a local sports bar. He was sitting alone and I was drunk and feeling talkative so I just sat my happy self down next to him and started chatting away. In college I was notorious for bringing guys home from the bar and not sleeping with them hahahahaha. -Gwyn
That would be Mormon Boy last summer with Miranda. - Jules


  1. OMG ladies I was psycho! How else would you describe someone who hacked your email and Facebook obsessively over and over and over while letting her own stupid pointless insecurities tear her down to shreds? And I've never said Coach didn't have issues. He has loads of issues. I just can't fix his issues, I can only fix mine.

    I'm starting to think you ladies are just as crazy as I was if you can't see that I was at least a little crazy LOL.


  2. I would describe you as someone that had been hurt and lied to numerous times that lacked trust based on experience and was insecure because the person you thought you could trust made you feel that way. That's not psycho. It was wrong of you to go through his stuff, yes but you were NOT wrong to break up with him and you were NOT wrong for acting on your feelings.

  3. I agree I was not wrong for breaking up with him and acting on my feelings. But I would still classify myself as crazy for my actions leading up to the break up.


  4. You say tomato, but I do not think you should feel psychotic for checking up on him when he's been soooooo dishonest (repeatedly). I also think the wording of the quiz lends itself to "yes" answers and is not unbiased. ;) (I'm totally riled up today about other things, but since you're bringing it up...you're getting my honest, mostly unedited opinions.)

  5. I would describe you as someone who was lied to which brought out your insecurities, just like it would in most normal people. Those insecurities made you interpret your behavior as crazy when it really wasn't.

    You didn't describe yourself as psycho when you used to check Duckie's email and FB accounts...because Duckie wasn't lying to you and making you insecure so you didn't feel psycho in that case. You probably just felt nosey and curious.

    So, to end my logical argument lol, I'd say that proves that being in that type of relationship with Coach made you FEEL psycho, feeling psycho and being psycho are two totally different things!! I've felt psycho in a couple of my relationships but I finally realized it was the relationship, not me, that was psycho.

    If you're happy I'm happy. I've just seen this play out so many times and never in a good way - and I don't want that to happen to you.


  6. Since Jules and Gwyn both said exactly what I would have written... I don't have anything to add. I'm glad you are happy with coach and i really hope continues.