Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Moby Dick

In random Miranda musings, I stumbled upon one of my guilty pleasures on TLC this weekend - the show Strange Sex.  They talk about all sorts of strange sexual things like fetishes, deformities, practices, etc.  It's very entertaining.  I started watching it last fall one strange night when I was hanging out with FJB.

Anyways, on Sunday night they were talking about a man named Jonah Falcon. Seems he is overly well endowed. 13.5 inches to be exact and 8 freaking inches in circumference.  Yeah.  Measure that bad boy out with your hands.  It's about the size of a freaking wine bottle Jules!  Oh and he is bisexual too.  I literally thought I was going to have a stroke thinking about the size of this guy and trying to do anything at all with it!

Please note the size of his bulge!

And to top it all off, he's extremely socially awkward and he hasn't been in a relationship with anyone in a long long time.  They showed him walking down the street in a pair of regular khakis and you could see the damn thing swinging down the side of his leg. He's been on quite a few talk shows and you think between his "fame" and his giant cock he'd have a little swagger. Alas, he seems to be a gimp. Hey wait a minute....


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  1. Holy Shit! I would be lost on that one. Ouch!