Saturday, April 30, 2011

Six Degrees of Separation?

I think it's smaller on an island. This could all be coincidence, but I'm thinking maybe not. Gavin has been around all day today. He's actually getting kicked out of his place because one of his roommates moved out and didn't pay the rent, so he's trying to butter me up to move back in for a little bit while he figures his shit out. Things are up in the air on that end, but I digress. He finally went home to check on his kid who has a concussion and he had left the kid home alone. He called a few minutes ago to tell me that he didn't think he could come back down because his son had left home while he was down here earlier this evening and the mom found out and called to yell at him. I did too, I told him to stay home and take care of his kid!

Anyway, he came over earlier today while the kids were in school and we had fantastic sex and then I picked up Chloe, ran some errands, dropped Chloe off with a friend of mine, and went to grab us crab legs for dinner. When I came back home, Gavin was here with a friend of his. It's this guy that he's wanted me to meet b/c he wants us to have a threesome. I told him "No" initially, but I actually liked the guy. He was funny and engaging. Nothing happened today though, other than we got high. We were laughing and talking and he starts telling me about his son that's in the hospital and how he's been back and forth for the past week or so and trying to manage the other kid. His kids  go to school at the same school where Owen's kids go and Owen told me that he was helping a really good friend of his out last weekend and watching his son because the parents were having to go back and forth between the hospital for their other kid. What are the odds? I'm hoping they aren't close enough friends that this afternoon comes up as a topic of conversation.

On that note, Gavin is totally begging to go to the swinger's party in town next weekend. He was talking to the aforementioned guy about it and the guy told us that a lot of the parents at his kid's school are into that lifestyle and how a friend of his got propositioned at a PTA meeting, which now makes me super curious about Owen's previous affair. By the way, clearly we have Chloe at the wrong school. This place makes me laugh, it's so incestuous.

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