Friday, April 1, 2011


Miranda, I can't even comment on the post  below...literally. I typed a huge reply and it wouldn't post. I took it as my sign to shut up on the topic (for a minute, anyway). You know how I feel about it, so I'll move on (briefly).

I had a funny insight that I'll share with you guys tonight about my own issues. Here's what a total commitment freak I am. I've known Gavin for over a year. I see him and/or talk to him almost every single day and most days more than once. This week, he's been over every night since Monday. When he left tonight and said "I'll see you tomorrow.", it was actually anxiety producing for me. Clearly I know it's going to happen, especially since Russell is working, but did we need to verbalize it? Is it any wonder I'm single? The wonderment should lie in the fact that I ever managed to get married in the first place.

And while I'm on that topic, here's a great Southern tale for ya'll. My grandmother's birthday was this week. I called late because honestly I knew what day her birthday was on (the 29th), but I literally forgot what day it was (as in I  failed to notice it was actually Thursday, March 31st). My mother had emailed me earlier this week to tell me that my cousin was moving in with her bf. If you've followed this blog, I've mentioned this situation before and how it scandalizes my grandparents that my cousin is almost 28 and unmarried. I mean this is damn near criminal in the South with people over 70.

So, I know about the move. I also know that my grandparents and my aunt acted like total morons over the the whole thing and made her feel cheap about it and told her things like "This is not what we wanted for you...".  (Meanwhile I'd like to note that they were thrilled I finally settled down enough to move in with Russell.) Not once in my 20 minute convo with my grandparents today did either one of them mention this move! My grandmother prattled on about my brother's  new arrival (Yay!), her bedroom redecorating, my grandfather's Dr. appt,  and even paused to say that she knew she had more to tell me, but just couldn't remember right then (Oh yeah, your cousin is moving in with her bf!).

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