Monday, April 25, 2011

I Wish It Was Still the Weekend

So Gwyn and I just got out of an enormously annoying 4+ hour work meeting and instead of being a dutiful employee and getting some work done with what little is left of my day, I’m choosing to blog.

Despite my DC trip being canceled so Coach could come home and meet with his lawyer, we did have quite a lovely weekend.  Lots of time just hanging out, running errands, seeing family, and lots and lots of sex.  For a 43 year old man I swear I think his penis must be only 21.

Thursday we were just lazy and did dinner and a movie (Hall Pass – hilariously funny).  We had both had a couple drinks at dinner and I decided to play my favorite game with is to whisper dirty things that embarrass Coach in public.  It’s so easy to get him hot and bothered and then he gets all embarrassed in public. It cracks me up.  As we were driving from dinner to the movie he got me back though.  He made a crack about teaching me a lesson by embarrassing me in the car and next thing I knew he had pulled up my skirt and was using his magic fingers on me while he was still driving.  Hot!  Too bad he didn’t realize it wouldn’t embarrass me but it was the perfect after dinner desert.  The only time I even noticed other cars was when we pulled up right next to a big monster truck and I glanced over and noticed they could have seen right down in the car.  HA!

Friday morning he woke me up my favorite way by kissing and playing with me and then he spent some time with his boys, we went to the gym, and later to my nephew’s birthday party.  At the party my ever-tactless brother in law made the funniest comment. All the adults were in the kitchen talking (why is it at a party everyone ends up in the kitchen?) including me, Coach, and Duckie.  I was holding someone’s ridiculously cute baby and the baby’s mom asked me and Coach if we were ready for another one. HA!  I simply laughed and said that Leo and Ladybug belonged to me and Duckie.  Then my brother in law had to jump in with an explanation that was both tactless and hilarious.  He said:

Alright, this is awkward.  Leo and Ladybug belong to Duckie and Miranda who used to be married.  Coach is Miranda’s boyfriend. But Miranda and Duckie are still married. It’s all weird but we love them anyway.

HAHA!  Duckie was quick on his feet and said, “Yeah we like to mix things up.” Everyone laughed because that statement is classic for my brother in law.  That’s just his way of dealing with life’s little awkward situations – to make them even more awkward.  For the record, everyone else in the kitchen said they thought it was great that we could still hang out like that together.  Later at the party Duckie told me he’d gotten his copy of the divorce paperwork in the mail that day so we are actually officially divorced now! Hurrah!  I haven’t gotten my copy yet but I can’t wait to see those bad boys in my mailbox.

Saturday afternoon was entirely lazy with errands, going to the gym, and watching movies and lots of hot sex.  It was capped off by Coach and his EX having a huge fight because she doesn’t want the kids anywhere around me for some reason.  Coach had wanted me to come to his youngest son’s soccer game but I told him not to worry about it. Until they get all this visitation/child support stuff negotiated I was fine not being around them.  I certainly don’t want to give the EX any reason to be any bitchier that she already is.

Sunday was more sex, the gym, and laying out by the pool where I got the weirdest splotchy sunburn before we headed over to his family’s Easter celebration.  Or course SoCo was there since he and Coach’s sister are all lovey-dovey.  It still weirds me out to be around him at the same time as Coach and his sister. 

It wasn’t quite the weekend I was expecting but it was still a great one!


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