Friday, April 15, 2011

Order Restored

Gavin walked into my house a few hours ago. I was a little surprised to see him so soon. It usually takes a few days for him to process this shit based on history and I was really pissy with him yesterday. I never just totally quit talking (except when I'm high). He walked in and asked why I was home. I told him I had stuff to do today and that I was stressed and didn't want to go to practicum, so I didn't. He was all like "Great, let's fuck...I'm so happy you're home". I questioned if he meant it (the fucking part, I could tell he was happy) and he was all "Hell yes", so it was on. He brought over his A game, like some of the best yet with him. I heart make up sex. We hung out and had an afternoon beer and talked for a while about general stuff. As he was leaving he said he was happy we were back on a good note. I told him we should keep it that way and that he shouldn't try to complicate what is easy. He laughed and left.

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