Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Are You Happy?

The stress factor with school escalated up a few notches the other day when I realized I hated my practicum site, that they were totally unethical, and that I wanted out. I met with my supervisor on campus last night and accomplished getting out. It left me with some free time this week and what does Jules like to do her in free time? Yep, the boys!

Owen texted me this morning to see when I was free this week. His birthday is on Thursday, so he's wanting some birthday sex. Incidentally, April is my favorite month because we fuck like bunnies this month with all the birthday sex mixed in with our normal sex. I told him as it happened I was free until 2pm today. He suggested lunch at my place.

In the interim, Gavin called to see what I was up to today. I told him I'd quit practicum and was in the process of finding a new site. He said he had to work and suggested I come hang out at the beach where he was trimming trees. I said I would and then about 15 minutes later he showed up at the house wanting some late morning sex. Who I am to deny this request, so I happily complied. I blew him and then he flipped me over and gave it to me super hard until he filled me with cum. Once he finished I pretty much rushed him out of the house to work because I knew Owen would be here in like 15 minutes (Yep, I'm a busy girl and I love it - judge all you want.)

Owen walks in and I'd told him since it was his birthday week he could have anything he wanted only I kind of took it back a little. He came in and I was playing with my glass toy (still my favorite!) and he climbs on top of me and starts rubbing his cock against me while I am playing with myself. Finally he tried to enter me with the toy in but it's such a weirdly angled toy it wouldn't work, so I pulled it out and eagerly took him in. He had me cumming in seconds and then he said he wanted my ass. He asked if he could go straight in and I said yes, but that I wanted to flip over. He flipped me and I just thought I soaked the sheets the other day. Holy Mother he had me cumming so hard there was a puddle...lol. I swear it was literally some of the best yet b/c I think I was just super stressed out and he relaxes me so much that I just totally let go. He came pretty quickly for him because it was just that kind of good sex today, but I felt guilty for not giving it to him exactly like he wanted.

We finished and he rolled over and laid on my pillow rubbing my body for a while. I was finally able to move again (and I do mean that literally) and I rolled over and started licking and sucking him. He said he'd cum too much and too hard mere minutes before and couldn't get hard again that fast, but he wanted to play with me with my toys. He did and I came again really hard and then I actually had to ask him to stop b/c it was too intense. He was surprised...I've only told him once before that I couldn't cum anymore right then. He had literally depleted me. I was lightheaded and deliriously happy.

When we were showering, I invited him back Friday for lunch if he can break away since I have to work on his actual birthday. As I was finishing my shower and he was dressing, I asked him "Are you happy?". He stammered out "Wh-wh-what do you mean?" Instantly I realized what I'd said...I was simply asking if he was happy today and leaving satisfied because of my aforementioned guilt over getting it my way. I think he took that question on a much deeper level. I quickly clarified and he assured me he was very happy with today. Bless his heart though, clearly he's not happy- happy or he wouldn't be having an affair.

While we were fucking, Gavin was calling me telling me where on the beach he was. I called him back after Owen left and headed up to meet him. I'd never been to this particular spot and it was amazingly beautiful. We hung out on the beach, ate lunch, drank some beer, swam, and I got to watch his hot ass climb up a big tall coconut tree and trim it. I don't know why, but there is something super sexy about that to me.

Over dinner tonight, Russell made an interesting observation. For a long time, he lost interest in cooking. I learned how and we pretty much split it now as to who cooks here, which is funny because I refused to cook when we were together. Anyway, he remarked that he had a theory about why he was interested in cooking new things and why he was interested in cooking again period. He said it's because I cook for people to enjoy and I'm finally ready to do that for you again. We're getting back to good and that makes me happy. It was the goal of this divorce and I see it coming along day by day. We've both let go of a lot of the hurt and anger and that feels fantastic.


  1. You had a busy day ~

    and yes cooking for somebody does not make it a chore.

  2. Soon there will be another mouth to feed, wait I mean soon there will be another person to enjoy Russell's cooking ;)


  3. I need to get a bevy of women to come over for a series of serial "late morning" fucks....you have the life.

  4. It does not suck to be me right now. I have to say I'm loving it.
    @ Gwyn, I can't wait!!! We're more than happy to feed you. :)