Saturday, April 2, 2011

Power Play, But Why?

I did something weird tonight and I wonder how it will come back. When I got home from my internship today, I had stopped by the market in search of Ben & Jerry's Red Velvet Ice Cream which Miranda so nicely taunted me with. Needless to say, my tiny local grocer did not carry it and I had to do without this flavor sensation. I had already decided to make red velvet cookies this weekend (I'm totally obsessed with red velvet...I mean way over the top obsessed.), so I bought the ingredients for this only to arrive home and realize I was without the needed amount of butter.

I called Gavin and asked if he had some and he brought me a stick (of butter...it was 6pm and Chloe was home!). I told him he could come back over later for cookies if he wanted (total euphemism) and he said he might but that his son was over, so he was unsure. He called at 10: 20pm asking if he could. I told him that Russell was on the way home and that I knew he would be up for a little while making himself food because I'd just been texting with him. So Gavin asks all disappointed, "So we can't fuck?". Um, no not when he's up and walking around...hello. He said he still wanted to come over and I told him if he could hold out an hour or so for Russell to go to bed, then fine. Gavin is all about instant gratification.

He came over, sat with us for maybe 5 minutes in the living room, and then asked if he could use my computer to check his email (which is code for look at porn). I said yes and Russell and I continued to engage in some quite hilarious conversation. While we sat there and talked for almost an hour and a half, Gavin sat in my room tweaking over  porn and coughing every so often I assume in some attempt to get me to come in and service him. I actually chose to sit and talk to Russell. Any other day, I probably would have but since I'd just told him that Russell was coming home at the exact same second he wanted to be there and that this wasn't the best time, I just ignored him. Finally he got tired of being ignored and went home. I'm not sure I appreciate the assumption that I'll just always be available for him, because believe it or not there are times where I prefer actual adult conversation to sex. It's rare, but it happens. Total power play, not sure where it came from.


PS Miranda, my  co-worker sent me a text tonight that his week long sex vacation with his Japanese gf is not going well. It seems she hacked into his computer and went through all his shit. Of course my mind immediately jumped to the Miranda-Coach scenario. Men, I would hazard the guess that if you give us your information, we will all look. I know all of Gavin's passwords and I've gone on his FB and email accounts in the past. He's so anti-online (other than porn),  it bored me and I quit. The point of this is that yes, it's wrong to snoop through people's stuff BUT did you notice that all 6 people who voted thought that Coach deserved to get dumped? It's not always a bad thing when the person is clearly hiding things. I've put up a new poll to help gauge our moral compasses.

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