Saturday, April 23, 2011

Same Ole, Same Ole

Jules has been sucked into the end of the semester school crunch. I've also kind of figured out what I want to do with my life and that's been super overwhelming for me with regards to how to make it go from brain child to actual reality. I had one of those moments this week though where the universe totally took me where it wanted me to go and it was kind of trippy.

This week was fairly uneventful from a boy standpoint. I was supposed to see Owen on Thursday morning, but it was cancelled due to my child performing at school and his need to go bid on a side job. We were going to try to reschedule for this morning, but there's just too much going on around here today to get away with Easter and all. I'm actually really big on holidays from a totally pagan standpoint,  so holiday times are totally kid focused.

Gavin has been ever present. We had breakfast together the other morning as I was on the way to a conference. I picked him up from the dirt bike shop where his son's bike is worked on and he told me how hot the guys at the shop think I am and that if I flashed them, he could probably get a lot of work done for free. I declined. He's such a barbarian sometimes, but the image made me laugh.

He came over the night before last but I was on the porch smoking with one of our neighbors and since he wasn't the center of my attention, he left. He's so funny. Actually that whole evening was hilarious. This neighbor totally has a crush on Gavin. I felt it the very first time I met her at his house and she turned into a giddy school girl when he showed up after she had just spent 30 minutes prior totally dogging him and his gf. When she left, Russell came home from his date and we totally smoked more. I'm joining the pot should be legal campaign.

Anyway, I digress. Gavin came back over yesterday and hung out around lunchtime. I fed him, he gave me beer and then I took a bunch of kids to the beach. He came back last night for sex since he hadn't had any the night before. I was totally focused on a paper and told him it was an in and out mission. He looked sad, but I had shit to get done and needed him to cum and go. It was actually really fun sex that was filled with lots of talking and laughing. Russell taught me that it was bad to laugh during sex, but sometimes things are funny and it doesn't seem to throw Gavin off. When we finished, I got back on my laptop and he got dressed and said "Well, ok...goodbye I guess". Sometimes he's such a girl. :)

Your voting on the poll continues to perplex me. It was so evenly split and I was so sure it wouldn't be. I may be sending out mixed signals that I'm not really in tune with, which is unlikely but plausible I suppose. For those of you that voted yes, I'd love to hear why.

PS I'm talking to a few new boys on Plenty of Fish. I was planning for the summer drought of Owen working in town and Gavin going to the mainland, but Gavin told me this week he's probably only going to be gone for a week or two.


  1. It's bad to laugh during sex? I mean obviously you don't want to laugh AT the other person but no laughing at all? I'm quite perplexed by this.


  2. Russell felt laughing was bad...period. No laughing allowed. Which is funny, because we're funny and I'm usually (even during sex) thinking funny shit.