Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hitting A Nerve

I hit lots of them today. This is a very graphic post, so if you don't want to know...skip it.

I had nasty, dirty sex with Owen today at lunch. Whoa Lord, I read a blog the other day that pointed out the number of nerve endings in the vulva vs. the penis...poor men. ;) I walked into Owen's lair (read - van) today and he said let me get this straight as he reiterated my entire fantasy of how today would go. He said "You want me to pull you down onto my lap, kiss you, flip you over, lick your pussy, and then go straight into your ass." Why yes, yes I would. He did just that  as he undressed me and then added in some extra kinky.   He licked me into an orgasmic state and then fingered me for a few more, where I actually squirted on his hand. Then he pulled out a toy I'd brought along and gave it to me to perform for him. He loves, loves, loves watching me play with myself. As I was playing, he lubed up his huge cock and went straight into my ass. It was a-m-a-z-i-n-g sex. When he was ready to cum, he pulled out and I blew him. (I warned you guys it was nasty, dirty sex...but my ass was totally clean.) Incidentally, this is part of why Jules gave herself a 10 on the TMI kink question.

Please don't think he was finished. He reached down, kissed me, and started fucking me again. Then he pulls out my toy and puts it into my ass while we're going at it. He loves doing it almost missionary style but with me sitting and him on his knees so that he can watch me, but he knows I cum the hardest with him behind me. After a little while, he flipped me around and gave it to me super hard some more. Best lunch break....ever. He sent me a thank you text afterward.

I was thinking about him on the way home from work tonight. Aside from Russell, he's the longest sexual relationship I've ever had and in all honestly in the 2+ years of seeing him we've had wayyyy more sex than Russell and I ever did during our marriage. I'm prone to being bored with men, but he's such a pleaser I find it impossible to get bored. He does everything I ask for and then some.

Tonight Russell and I had a little tiff. It started innocently, but he tried to post something inappropriate about me on Facebook and I told him not too and then he didn't listen and I proceeded to make a relevant comment to the topic but twisted into his manhood and he got SUPER PISSED. Yep, I hit a big ole nerve. I honestly didn't mean to go there. The irony was he was going out tonight, so I'm sure it shook his confidence but I swear it wasn't my intent.

Gavin came over when I got home from practicum today. I told him Russell was going out tonight and he should definitely cum back. (Sex is really like crack for me. The more I have, the more I want...not that I want crack...just saying.) He came over briefly while Russell was still home (before the comments were made) and abruptly left because he knew it wasn't him time. Finally after Russell left (in a huff which was resolved via text rather quickly), he came over about an hour later. He walked in and announced how horny he was and that he wanted me NOW. I respond to that kind of thing immediately. I instantly got on my knees and blew him. He was already hard. Then he pulled me off me, told me to get on my knees, and he proceeded to fuck me into a drenched state. I flipped around and blew him some more. He said he didn't want to cum yet, so I took my time licking him slowly up and down and totally teasing him. He was so into watching me pleasure him....it was super hot. He was close to cumming and told me to get back on my knees. He gave it to me some more before he exploded.

What a day!


  1. you are the perfect little whore. I love reading this shit..

  2. LOL, whore is a strong word since you didn't bother to sign this. I'm not exactly whoring around with a bunch of men right now. I've been seeing both of these men for a while (year +) and I prefer to think of myself as hypersexual. Regardless of semantics, I'm glad you enjoy reading! ;)

  3. OMG Jules- do you even have to exercise? LOL I wonder how many calories you must burn in a day?

  4. Hey, Anon....if this was a guy writing about his sexual exploits would you call him the "perfect little whore"?? Jules has consistently written about these 2 specific guys for over a year....and the best word you can find is whore? I have known Jule for many years, and I still wouldn't call her a whore, just sexually free, which is something many women would benefit from, as well as the men they come in contact with, IF they weren't worried about being "labeled"!!
    btw I am known here as Josie!
    Josie and I only use a fake name to protect the girls on this blog!