Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gimp #5123947634

Well it seems the stars have spoken again. Take a look at my horoscope for the day.

Romance could be a little like a roller-coaster ride right now. Feelings will be running high, and there is a higher chance of thinking or suspecting the worst and of noticing the less savory aspects of your sweetheart's behavior. It might help if you spend some time in conversation, being honest with each other. If this doesn't work, perhaps give each other some space.

Last night Jethro and I didn’t talk because he had class till late and quite honestly I really didn’t think about it too much. I was busy with the kids and we’d texted all day so I wasn’t exactly jonesing to talk last night. I woke up this morning to a weird text from him apologizing for being “distant.” I was perplexed because I swear I had at least 50 texts from him during the day yesterday.

I simply said no worries and asked what was going on. He replied that he didn’t really know but he was just feeling overwhelmed with “personal issues” and that he really didn’t know how to explain. I asked him to clarify and then he pretty much went MIA.

My instinct is telling me that between seeing pictures of me out and about with friends and me suggesting we go see D’s boyfriend’s band play Saturday maybe I aroused some concern about me being a “party girl.” He did ask me that Tuesday night after seeing all these pictures I have up in my kitchen. Note these are cute pictures of me with various friends, generally dressed up because we’re out on the town, but in none of them do I look drunk or even have a beer in my hand. I mean my kids see these pictures and I do have a semblance of sense in my head. And what the hell is a “party girl” anyways? I’ve actually had more than one guy ask me that before. I generally answer that yes I like to go out and have fun and listen to bands but I am a grown up and take care of my business at the same time. Incidentally Urban Dictionary has quite an array of definitions of party girls. I would fall in category 2 if you’re not already familiar with Miranda's special breed of madness.

Who knows what’s going on with him but I’m not sweating it. I mean I like him, a lot, but it’s way too early to have much investment to be completely honest. He said he'll call me later and "explain."  I’m making alternate plans for the weekend than I had with him and either he’ll figure his shit out or he can sit at home and fiddle with his pickle himself.

I guess it was just his time to bring out the gimp.


PS – If you haven’t already heard, I got my townhouse! Yep I’m a big girl now! Less than 5 minutes after I posted an update on Facebook, Coach magically Facebook messaged me asking where I was moving and telling me he knew he wasn't supposed to contact me but he hoped I was happy.  I told him not to be such a drama queen and asked if he was drunk lol.  Last week I saw him at the gym and he refused to acknowledge my presence and then sat in his car and watched me walk out 10 minutes after he did. Weird!

PPS – In other random crazy news, Hot Chocolate and I were joking about me getting bangs cut back into my hair on Tuesday and I said I would do it if he’d pay for it. He said he would and I laughed and left with the kids. Yesterday when I picked up the kids he came chasing me out to the car. I rolled down the window and he pressed $40 in my hand and walked off. If only I could get more guys to give me money like that!

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  1. Uh oh....... needing to know how this turns out!