Friday, December 16, 2011

Pre-Workout Workout

I think Owen is feeling the sting of my being tired of being the other woman comment, or perhaps he's just horny as hell and making up for the lost weeks where we weren't fucking...either way, I'm loving it. He texted me today about 3:30 to tell me that he suddenly found himself with some free alone time and wondered what I was doing. At the time, I was shuttling a boat load of packages to the USPS  and planning to go work out with Gwyn and Damien right after, but Damien wasn't home yet. I told him I'd meet him before my workout.

We immediately started kissing and I was working my way out of my clothes. I was on my knees in front of him and he pushed his cock in between my legs and just rubbed back and forth. It was turning me on so much with the anticipation of him entering me. Finally I stopped kissing him and turned around and backed up to him. As he sat, I was on all fours fucking the hell out of his cock. It felt awesome!! I came like three or four times and he told me to turn around and lick him clean. Yes, sir!! Then he asked me if he could fuck my tits and cum for me. I promptly laid down and pushed my tits together for him and sucked his cock as he pushed between them. He came sooooo hard.

I licked every drop of his cum and he said he wanted to fuck me some more. He lifted my legs over his shoulder and slowly entered me. He was inside me so deeply and making me cum like crazy and then he moved to my ass in that same position. I like that because we can watch each other, but it just doesn't feel as fantastic as when I'm on my stomach. He knows this, so after a few minutes he flipped me over and I was in orgasm heaven. I came so many more times it was unreal. I was cumming and cumming and telling him how amazing his big cock felt inside my tight ass and then I felt him change his pace and he came again in my ass. I can almost always make him cum again as soon as I start talking to him.

We were dressing and kissing again and he told me that I better go or he was going to get hard again and I'd be even later for my workout. I wish I could have stayed, but I'd made plans for a certain time so I left.  I was also extremely satisfied, though I would have loved trying to make him cum for a third time...twice is the max we've ever accomplished at once. Damien worked us HARD tonight, but I had a lot more energy than normal. I think that pre-workout workout is the way to go!

Now for a funny...this was my Christmas present from my boss...I think she's onto me. ;)

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