Monday, December 19, 2011

Once a Party Girl, Always a Party Girl

So Friday afternoon Jethro was blowing up my phone with text in the variety of, “I really like you,” “I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” and “I’ll explain everything tonight if you’ll let me.” I told him I’d love to hear his explanation for his weirdness and said I felt like this conversation deserved some face to face interaction. He eventually said he’d call me when he got home from work.

Well you know Miranda doesn’t let any grass grow under her feet so I went about my afternoon/evening making plans for a double dose of girls’ night out with my friend D. The evening came and went and no word from Jethro. I put on my party pants and D and I hit the town. We ended up doing a little bar hopping and running into the nerdy weird IT guy from my old job who stalked Gwyn. He proceeded to tell me he’d started applying for jobs all over including, wait for it…..Hawaii. It took every ounce of my willpower not to do a spit take because Gwyn and I have joked about him following her to Hawaii. I just politely nodded and downed about half a beer to keep from visibly dying as I dove for my phone to text Gwyn. A little later he asked me which island Gwyn lives on and like any good girl would do, I totally lied and said Maui. So even if worse comes to worse and he chases her down 5000 miles away he’ll end up on the wrong island. I tried Gwyn, I really did.

The rest of the night was all about reveling in my “party girl” antics in Jethro’s stupid honor as D and I danced and laughed and generally had a party for two. I swear I think the place could have been empty and D and I wouldn’t have noticed. Incidentally, the creepy IT guy tried to hit on D and eventually me only to get a firm hell no to which he replied with a thanks for one of the funniest nights of my life ever. Side note, he had this friend with him who was cute in a blonde California fairy (not gay fairy but actual fairy with the pointed ears and wings sort of way) who was complaining about how cold it was. I deemed him delicate and fragile and spent the rest of the night referring to him not by his given name but by the moniker of Daisy. I had the entire bar doing it by the end of the night. He was mortified to say the least.

Note – not a word from Jethro all night.

Saturday morning I finally got a text from Jethro saying he was sorry for being such a disappointment and that he didn’t know what was wrong. Being smart for a change, I immediately deleted his number and all his texts from my phone to discourage any further communication with him. I did note later that day that he’d unfriended me on Facebook. I’m thinking he didn’t’ like the fun exchange between D and Jules on my wall calling me a party girl. HA! Saturday afternoon I treated myself to a massage and some shopping before heading out for round two with D.

We went to see her boyfriend’s band play at of all places a moose lodge. It was hokey and country and honestly I kind of loved it. No one there gave a crap about what anyone looked like (judging by the amount of flannel and overalls I feel confident in saying that) and everyone was just having a good time. Plus all the guys who I know were there so that took care of me having to buy any drinks that night. It’s kind of funny these guys. I know them from dating Coach and then from being friends with D and her boyfriend and they have so much affection for me. I guess because I’m such a fun party girl ;) I often feel like I’m on the show Cheers when I’m around them because I walk in and everyone smiles and calls out my name and wants to hug me. Then they seem to spend the rest of the night greatly amused by whatever I say and do while making sure my beverage of choice is never empty. Good times especially since most of the women in my small time hate me.

Randomly McQueen was texting and sexting me all weekend which is uber odd because I haven’t talked to him in more than a month and he never ever sexted me before. He wanted me to come over after either of my nights out but I was so not going to do that. Then he tried to get me to come over last night but I declined again just on principle. Weirdo.

It was a smart choice all in all because I swear between being in my townhouse with my mom/sister and talking about painting and tile and gardening then signing my mortgage papers last night I hardly slept for all the anxiety racing around inside. I’m not scared to own my own place, hell it’s going to be cheaper than renting. But maybe it just feels like some final closure of some sort of moving on from my married life to my singledom? Who knows but I have a lot of stuff to get done in the next month that’s for damn sure!



  1. Good riddance!!!!!! Put your efforts into the town house and screw that lameo!

  2. It is/was super strange. In all my dating I've never had someone go from hot to not so quickly. Very very very odd. I had to be a smart girl and delete every trace of him from my phone so I wouldn't break into my bad habit of drunk texting this weekend just to try to figure out what was going on. What a freak!