Friday, December 30, 2011

Sexting, Dreams, and Auto Correct

The last two nights have been filled with fabulous sexting with Owen, but not without some crazy dreams and a hilarious iPhone auto correct mishap. Last night was filled with some super hot, naughty requests followed with steamy pictures and some fucked up dreams. I was smoking on the porch during sexting time with Owen and came in to finish our convo pretty damn high. I fell asleep late and when I did, I had an intense all night dream about Owen's wife catching us and exposing us to his kids!

He and I sexted for hours last night in lieu of me being there with him. We started while Russell and Gwyn were at work. They unexpectedly came home early and I had to jump up and clean up and explain to him why no more visuals would be coming his way for a little bit. He sent me requests to do things he's never asked before and wanted me to "entertain myself" while I was hanging out with Gwyn drinking (he doesn't know I smoke). Gwyn, no worries I didn't do the things he asked, but I just told him I did and then once I was back in my room it was ON. It was so good, it was almost like we were together. I used my gift cards from Eden Fantasys to buy some amazing new toys and I modeled them for him last night over and over again. I also used my Xmas money from my MIL to buy Owen and I the We Vibe, but I'm waiting for him to come home to use it.

So, the dream...I fell asleep so damn happy and satisfied, but it seems my conscious wanted to play a role. I dreamed that I was riding with him in his van and he was driving and I was in the passenger seat. His wife was in the back and was trying to make a phone call. (Please note that while I know who she is, she and I have never met.) She couldn't get through on the phone she was using, so I offered her mine. I had not erased the texts from Owen from the night before and in my dream, she found them while using my phone! She flew hot and we were finally able to calm her down after I came clean about our affair but promised that I wasn't trying to take him away from his family. Then she made me stay there with them and do family things with them, like take their son to this surf competition. It was so freaking surreal. I woke up this morning to a text from him responding to all the pictures I'd sent last night and a 'wtf, did the dream really happen????' moment. It took me a good hour to come down from the dream. At the end of the dream, she was no longer mad but still making me attend all these family events which included a tour of their house and she told the daughter that I was the woman fucking her dad. It was insane.

Tonight I get a text from Owen telling me how worked up he is again looking at all the pictures and texts from last night. I responded with some things and he sent me a text that was supposed to end with "You are so HOT!!" Instead, it read "HOG". Followed very quickly by a "OMG I meant HOT...haha". Then another that read "Damn Autocorrect!!!!!". I was laughing my ass off (apparently my fat ass) and after giving him a little bit of hell, I told him I was in hysterics.

We followed this with another few hours of sexting and pictures and plans to meet up at my house on Sunday while Chloe is at a birthday party, Russell is working, and Gwyn is with McDreamy in Maui. This man makes me so very hot and wet and I'm really hoping we can pull that off!!! They say that what you are doing New Year's Day is what you will be doing all year. I'm wishing for hot sex with Owen and a beautiful beach day. I'm about to fall asleep now and I'm praying my stupid conscious stays out of my dreams tonight!

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    Yeah, I hate that frickin' auto-correct.

    Happy New Year.