Saturday, December 3, 2011

Someone's Got Issues

Actually, Gavin has got a whole goddamn subscription.

Today I am in Costco replacing my card after my wallet was stolen last weekend when my phone rings. A guy starts talking and asking me how I'm doing, etc. I ask who this is and he says a name. I can't hear him b/c I'm freaking deaf and it's loud in Costco and he repeats it. It's not a name I know. I ask him who he thinks he called and he says "Jules". Hmmm....ok. I ask him where he got my number b/c I have no idea who he is and he says that he got it from a friend named "John John". I don't have any friends by this name. I was uber bitchy and I was just like "Look, I don't know you.". He said he was checking me out one day and his friend hooked him up with my number. Then he says he's at a certain beach watching a surf competition and wants to know if I want to hang out. Again I tell him I don't know him and that I'm not interested. He proceeds to say that he's also checked me out on CL. Well, that was a big fat lie b/c I haven't placed an ad on CL in well over a year and a half but Gavin knows that I have in the past. He also lives at the very beach where this surf competition is taking place today.

I hung up with the guy after he described himself and offered to send me a picture in an effort to try and entice me to hang out. I called Damien and he said that he had not given out my number to anyone since the whole Gavin set up failed on such an epic level and that if he had, he would have asked me first (as would anyone). He thinks it's Gavin too and that Gavin is pulling some "For a good time, call Jules" kinda stunt. I think Gavin is a complete and total moron and I have no idea what possible agenda he could have here, but it was weird. I am banking on his super short attention span and really hoping that he finds someone new to fuck soon and gets over trying to fuck with me. I've never seen anyone resort to such high school antics since well, high school.

In funnier and also very weird news, Damien told me today that up until I left for the mainland Gavin was still insisting that I was contacting him and the gf and that Russell had emailed the gf and told her that he knew all of this was true b/c he had heard Gavin and I having sex. Is he fucking kidding me?? First of all after my cease and desist email, I have not contacted Gavin at all...period. I'm secretly hoping he's eaten by a shark this winter while surfing. Second of all, why in the hell would Russell bother contacting either one of them (both of whom he thinks are just total trash)? Third of all, why is Gavin so damn wrapped up in these delusions? I really did know he was a moron all along, but I didn't think he was quite this level of stupid. Special...oh so very special.

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