Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Friends with Benefits?

So last night Jethro came over and we hung out for a while. We just talked and watched TV and of course there was kissing – a lot of kissing. But that’s all. Miranda is on the straight and narrow. No sex till monogamy! Patti Stanger would be so proud. That being said, this post is not really about Jethro. Though he is still totally amazing if you were wondering ;)

My thoughts today are about my boss. She’s kind of awesome. She’s just a few years older than I am and we have a ton in common including both being divorced and single moms. She’s a loud, wild sort of personality who doesn’t really have personal boundaries and I find her an entirely enjoyable person to be around. I think I’ve mentioned it a couple times but I even got her to get on Plenty of Fish a couple weeks ago and that’s given us tons to laugh about. She’s also super smart and really good at her job (not that there aren’t things I’d do differently but I keep those opinions to myself by and large).

And our similarities in personality and sense of humor have definitely made me her favorite employee. I don’t say that because I think I’m so awesome and amazing (though let’s face it I am) but I can tell because of how much she shares with me and how much time we talk period. I think my professional background plays into that as well because she knows I’ve been the boss and done a lot more than I do now so maybe she seems me as more of an equal than some of the other people in our department.

What makes me a little nervous is that we’re definitely treading on “friendship” territory which is not something I’ve ever had with a boss before. I did have one totally awesome boss years back but she was more than 10 years older than me so there was more of a “generational” difference though we definitely treaded on the friendship territory too. So my question is really can you ever truly be “friends” with your boss?

I think I’ve done a good job in the past (and now) of always remembering at the end of the day my boss is my boss and even when the relationship has had the warm fuzzies, it was never far from my mind that that person was ultimately responsible for me having a job. It’s just hard to know exactly how to navigate the waters, how much to say/not say, reveal/not reveal. I guess it’s just a case by case basis because I really like her as a person and I find her greatly amusing.

Have any of you ever been “friends” with the boss? How’d that work out for you? Anything I should watch out for?


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  1. I'm friends with my boss and it's awesome. She's a lot older than I am, but she's been amazing through all of my life stuff and I'm a good sounding board for her when she wants to vent. We've hung out some outside of work, but I don't think I would go out drinking with her or anything.