Friday, December 9, 2011

Hit Me With Your Best Shot - Sex Toy Review #4!

It’s time for my latest way overdue sex toy review. My apologies Kayla!  The kind people at Eden Fantasys sent me a Speeding Bullets Armor Piercing vibrator.  Sounds scary but all it’s going to do is knock your socks off! I’m hilarious.  Seriously this tiny little bullet vibrator packs quite an unexpected wallop.

It’s tiny.  Like about the size of my pinkie finger and approximately an inch in diameter.  It’s got five, count them 1-2-3-4-5, amazing variations. Two different speeds and three pulsating options that definitely give your one-on-one time a little extra oomph.  The 5th setting is a crazy little alternation of a quick buzz followed by a longer one that repeats over and over and will drive even the coolest customer wild.  I know that's my favorite!

This bullet comes in four great colors (thanks Kayla for sending me a color other than pink - my collection needed some variation lol).  Another cool thing about this friendly bullet is that it operates on three of those little small watch batteries, not you traditional AAs. And it comes with an extra set of batteries, which is awesome because I don’t know if it was me using the hell out of it or what because I've had this bullet for about a month and I'm already on the second set of batteries.And believe me, this celibate girl has put my newest little friend to work - A LOT!

When I got this I laughed honestly not expecting it to be so small. But once I started checking it out I could hardly get it out of the box before I put it to good use.  And I’ve used it and used it and used it and used it.  I’ve even forgone my favorite vibrator for this little gem.  It’s cute, powerful, velvety smooth, super quiet, and it’s one I’d feel totally comfortable traveling with because it’s small enough to hide! HA!

Seriously, this would be a great first time vibrator or a perfect 5th or 50th toy.  Go get one today!


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