Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jules is Back!

I'm back and feeling back to my "normal" self after retreating from the island for a few days. I put a lot of things into perspective while I was gone. During the trip after Owen explained himself over his little side one night stand thing, I started getting an influx of texts from him. I'd told him we would talk when I got home, but it seems he couldn't wait. It started on Thanksgiving when he sent me a cute text and I replied. I finally told him that I wanted to see him when I got back and he said he was suddenly feeling very thankful! I forgave him b/c I've been fucking around the entire time. He just happened to get caught. We sexted pretty much every night after this until Tuesday when I got home. Tuesday night, we were texting and I agreed to meet him before work today. It had been one month since I'd had sex and I couldn't stand it any longer. It had been almost a month and a half since I'd had sex with him.

I met him in his van for a quickie which turned into a 30 minute deal and I was totally late for an appointment to get a TB skin test, but it was all well worth it!!! I walked in and he kissed me and rubbed his hands up my thighs. To his delight, I'd removed my panties on the drive over and he moaned as he rubbed my ass. He started lightly touching the outside of my kitty and said he wanted to taste me. I sat down and he pulled my legs up and started licking and fingering me. I came and he came up and entered me. He felt amazing after all that time. It was an indescribable pleasure feeling him enter me. He fucked me nice and slowly while staring into my eyes and telling me how amazing I felt. He knows this position has hurt me in the past, so he picked me up with his dick still inside me and lowered me onto the blanket he had spread out. He came out right as he set me down, but quickly entered me again and resumed. I came and he asked me how I wanted it. I told him from behind.

I flipped over into doggie and he entered me and started pounding me. I came over and over again and then I could hear his breathing change and knew he was super close. He asked me if I would suck him off as he came and I quickly agreed, turned around, and swallowed every last drop. He asked me if I had time for him to fuck me some more and I said I was sure that I did! He said he wanted to pin me down and I flipped back over for him. He put his huge, hard cock back inside me and gave it to me like he knows I love. He asked about playing with my ass, but I told him it had been so long that I didn't know. He pulled out and started rubbing his hardness all along my ass and then going back into my kitty. Then, he started pressing the tip against my ass and pushing it in ever so slightly. I was so turned on! Since I wasn't protesting and was clearly loving it, he put the head of his cock into my ass and let me work the rest of it in and fuck myself against him. Finally, I told him he could fuck me and he gave it to me super hard. I asked if he could cum again and within minutes I heard his breathing change again and he exploded into my ass and then collapsed on top of me kissing my neck.

We laid like that for a few minutes and then he got up and started rubbing my ass, legs, and feet. It was so relaxing! I could have laid there for hours, but I had to run. He reached over and grabbed a towel and gently wiped me clean. I love when he cleans me. I don't know why, but it's such a turn on. I kissed him some more, told him I'd missed him to which he readily agreed, and then I left feeling slightly stunned from the amazing, earth shattering sex. He sent me a text a few minutes later saying that he was shaking still. It was some really great sex!!!

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