Sunday, December 18, 2011

Eden Loves Bloggers

Our friend, Kayla, at Eden Fantasys has offered us a fun new opportunity to join the Eden Loves Bloggers program and write sponsored posts. In exchange for these posts, Eden Fantasy very graciously gives us gift cards that we can use for products!! Unlike doing regular product reviews, bloggers can write about a variety of topics not limited to just sex toys. (Of course, we all know the sex toys are Jules' favorite part!!)

Eden has a huge community of readers online with a wide variety of interests. Since I've recently discovered my love of cooking (ok, well maybe not love so much as heavy like when the mood strikes...), I'll probably write about some of the Eden Cooks Club recipes. Not that I subscribe to the whole 'a way to man's heart is through is stomach' thing, but because Jules likes to eat great food!!

Another of the sections that we can post about is SEXIS.  There are many great articles that caught my eye already ranging from tech toys that can change your sex life to the sensationalizing of sex addictions...lol. I think I'll read about that last one right now!

Just in time for the holidays, they are having some amazing sales right now too! Check out the Eden Fantasys website and put something naughty and fun into your favorite lover's stocking this year!! I have a fun idea for Owen and I try out that I'll write about soon! Look for the WISH codes for added savings!

We are super excited to be a part of this program and hope to bring you many funny, sexy, insightful posts as a part of it!!


  1. Very cool! We've enjoyed being a part of the Sponsored Posts program thusfar.

  2. I think it's going to be fantastic! I love the freedom to post about whatever we want and get gift cards in exchange. The product reviews were awesome, but this gives us even more freedom in picking out new things.

    Also, as a side note...I did read the article on sex addiction and it included a link to a free assessment. The assessment came back that I don't have sex addiction issues. Perhaps I wasn't honest enough?? LOL!