Thursday, December 15, 2011

Another Hot Jules Sex Story

We rec’d an email yesterday from someone telling us how much they enjoyed reading our blog and our stories. So, Mr. X this one is for you. I saw Owen last night and it was steamy, hot, amazing, omg sex.
We were having trouble finding a time to meet up. He’s not working right now, but he’s super busy ferrying his kids around (I swear they don’t let those poor kids sit down for a minute) and I’ve been swamped with work, school, my own kid, working out, etc. Anyway, we were supposed to hook up Monday at my house (finally in my bed!) but sadly I left work at the time we were planning to meet, so that was a no go. Then he asked me about Tuesday and I said no b/c of my schedule. Then my schedule changed! Initially, I texted him about the time he’d given me the day before but he couldn’t get away then and b/c I’m PMSing like a mf, I got a little pissy. I told him that this other woman thing was starting to take its toll on me and I’m tired of having to wait around for him.  Then I followed that with it wasn’t his fault, but it just is what it is. Honestly, I do not want him to leave his kids…but I want to get laid when I want it. This means we need to add another player in this team and life will be back to good.
Ok, enough of those details…we finally figured out that we could meet up about 6pm. I left working out a little early and he dropped his kids off at one of their various lessons and we headed to a secluded spot and parked. I hopped into his van and he ripped his clothes off and sat down. I stood over him pulling my pants down slightly and kissing him. He proceeded to finger me and bury his head in my tits. I ripped off the rest of my clothes and noted how amazingly hard he was. I simply couldn’t resist putting his cock in my mouth and licked him up and down a few times. Then, I hopped on him and rode him until I came a few times. He realized he’d left his lights on and I moved off of him briefly so he could fix that.
I was lying curled on his seat and he knelt in front of me and entered me like this. He fucked me super slowly like this and made me oh so very wet. He was stroking my hair during this and I was dying for him to speed it up a little and let me cum, but he was enjoying teasing me. It felt amazing with him sliding in and out fully…omg. When he could tell that I couldn’t take it anymore, he pulled me down onto my knees and bent me over the seat and fucked me super hard. I came and came and came. He was pressing against me and kissing me and then leaning back and rubbing his hands all over my body in the darkness. It was super sensual! Finally, he asked me if I wanted him in my ass. I told him that I absolutely did and reached back and spread my ass for him to enter me. He asked me if I wanted to work his cock into my ass or if I wanted him to do it. I said I wanted him to and he pushed the head in as I moaned. Very quickly, he was fully inside me and fucking my ass super slowly until I begged him to fuck me hard. I was playing with my kitty and he was going at my ass and I was soaking us! Then he kind of leaned back and I sat up on his cock and rode him. We finished with him holding on to the seat and the door while I rode him super hard in my ass. I swear I came a million times…lol.  As we were leaving, he was kissing me and said he hoped I was happy with him again. I am. ;)
Later in the evening, he sent me a text saying how hot my ass looked bouncing off of his hips and that my body looked super sexy in the shadowy light. We rarely ever have sex at night so it was a fun new dynamic for us.
PS I almost ran into Gavin last night at the supermarket! He was pulling in and I was pulling out, thankfully!! I need to remember to avoid that market at dinner time. Because of his horrible planning skills and the fact that he just likes going, he's there almost every freaking day. I'm over 30 days with no contact. I feel like I deserve a chip.

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