Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If At First You Don't Succeed....

Well I’ve got two dates lined up for the next few days. A pilot tonight and a construction guy Friday night. Whoever gives me the better night gets New Years Eve. But that’s not the point of this post, nor it is to fill you in on details about these guys who odds are will turn out to be duds. But I’m ok with those odds. Those odds are the very thing I want to talk about.

As people in real life get to know me more and hear about some of my dating exploits, I get asked why I date so much. Why I keep putting myself back out there enduring an array of weirdos, freaks, emotional gimps, mama’s boys, oddballs, etc. The reason is I believe there somewhere out there, there’s a guy for me. A guy who is going to sweep my off my feet and be most, if not all, of the things I dream about. And if I’m sitting at home, how am I ever going to meet him?

For every book/person/movie that tells you to just get out there and meet people, let me tell you what, it just doesn’t happen that way. In the last two years I’ve dated – A LOT. Like a hundred dates at least. For real. Even with a 7 month relationship thrown in there with Coach. And I have yet to meet one person who has asked me out in the grocery store or at work or at the gym or any other random place so called “experts” tell you go to. Online dating – yes, bars/clubs – yes, any venue that encourages drinking – absolutely. I’ve had friends set me up but even those meet and greets occurred in a bar or club. I did get asked out some when I was bartending at those work concerts last summer but again, drinking was involved on the guys part, well and mine too haha.

And after 10 years of Miranda sitting at home with Duckie, I just don’t want to sit at home by myself. It doesn’t mean I can’t, lord knows I’ve learned to appreciate my time alone at home. Hell some nights I crave nothing more than to veg out on my couch with my cat and a night full of Netflix all by myself. But at the same time, if I believe in the fairy tale and still want it (which of course I do) I’ve got to sort through a lot of frogs to find my prince. And if dating really is just a numbers game like all the experts say, this girl has got to be about to hit the jackpot one way or another.

Texting with Gwyn today she said I’ve come full circle from dating machine to girlfriend to celibate ex-girlfriend back to dating machine. And she’s right but damn it somebody has to be the dating girl of the trio. If I can carry the mantle of the party girl I sure can care the mantle of the dating machine! At least this time its the celibate party girl/dating machine!


PS - Edited to add the pilot was a bust.  He showed up looking a good 5-10 years older in person. He actually asked me if I thought he looked like his pics because my face looked shocked when I saw him.  He said they were about a year old but I call major bullshit. Felt like I was at dinner with my grampy and not just because he was wearing a cosby sweater....

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