Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Stupidity of Some People

It amazes me sometimes, really. I don't know why, but I thought once I ended things with Gavin that I would finally not have to deal with him and I definitely didn't think I would continue to blog about him, but his latest and greatest has provided me with some amusement today. Again, he's a freaking moron.

I was working out with Damien this morning and he said Gavin came by yesterday with a message for me. I laughed and said "Oh, really...well, keep it to yourself b/c I don't care.". He said he comes by frequently with messages for me, but Damien doesn't relay them. Then, he proceeded to tell me that Gavin had come by the day before with a hot Brazilian girl on the back of his bike. That damn bike was always a point of contention for us b/c he hated I wouldn't ride on it. Damien pointed out that the girl wasn't hotter than I am, which also cracked me up b/c I do not care. He could be fucking a supermodel for all I care. Anyway, he told Damien right in front of the girl to tell Jules that he'd been by with her. Damien said he felt so sorry for the girl b/c after that statement she clearly realized she was merely a pawn. Damien apologized to her and said to Gavin "So, you want me just to tell Jules that you came by with this girl on your bike??" Gavin said he did and left. Dude, I don't fucking care. Damien said clearly he had it bad for me, but he just couldn't give up the gf and his addictions to be with me. Whatever...I'm over it. Sadly, he no longer thinks Gavin is moving. I told him I would buy Gavin a one ticket anywhere he wants to go if he promises to never, ever come back.

As I'm laying on the beach after my workout, Owen starts texting me about hooking up. I broke it to him that I couldn't come to Kauai. He took it well b/c I blamed it all on Russell's schedule. Then he asks what I'm up to today. I told him where I way laying out with Chloe and when I left laying out, his van was parked right at the entrance to the beach access. I was totally tripping out and asked him what he was doing. He said he'd come up there to drop off a Xmas gift and was going to try to come back and see me. As of right now, I don't think it's going to happen today, but holy shit his timing was weird being right there where I was at that time. We were already texting...wouldn't you have said "Oh btw, I'm right here"?

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