Sunday, December 11, 2011

Full Moon Fever

Well the full moon is bringing the crazy out in people...omg. This post is basically going to be an abbreviated venting session, so if you don't want to hear me kvetch, skip it.

Men suck....sorry. We just had this super long reply to the Lesbian post that I'm not even going to dignify with a response, but let me just say that if women are like children then the world is fucked. Ok, moving on...

Last night, Russell and I got into a fight because he was acting like a whiny bitch. In case you haven't gathered, Jules is over listening to whiny bitches right now. Anyway, he had a date scheduled for Saturday night but then got pissy when I reminded him (for about the 50th gd time) that I was going to a party and he was home with the kid. He actually asked me to come home early from the party. I basically laughed in his face and said no way. It went on for a while, but ultimately I went to my party tonight and had a fantastic time with some super fun women. I really wish I had more time in the week to see them more often than once or twice a year!!

Now while I was at this party, Owen starts blowing up my phone. He hadn't texted me for like 2 whole days (lol) and texted to apologize for this. I said it was no big deal and told him I was at a party and would text him later. Then he proceeded to text me every hour...wtf? Of course in all this time, I think tonight was the first time I've ever ignored him...I think it surprised him!

Backing up a little bit, on the way to the party my phone rings and it's not a number I recognized. I stupidly answered and it was the guy that called me in Costco last week. I was abrupt (read bitchy again!) and asked if Gavin had given him my number. He stammered for a minute and said he had. I told him that I was totally not interested in talking to him b/c any friend of Gavin's was quite likely a fucking addict just like Gavin is and that he can tell Gavin to quit fucking giving out my number b/c it's just not cool. He said he had heard really great things about me from Gavin (oh, ok...I'm not even going to bother guessing what) and wanted to hang out and that he was actually not into all the shit that Gavin is. I said I was not hanging out with anyone that was a friend of Gavin's...ever.

I actually think Gavin tried to call me this morning. I got another call early today from a number that I also didn't recognize, but Chloe has been doing a lot this weekend, so I'm answering all calls just in case. Anyway, I said "hello" twice and no reply so I hung up, but I think the number was one he'd called me from right after I blocked him.  When I was working out with Damien today, he told me that the gf is home. I said I could care less and I mean it. I really wish he would just disappear.

And just in case I'm not getting my fill of addicts lingering, my Dad calls today too. He actually left a voicemail that was nothing but addict thinking and logic. He told me that he loves me and hates how things went down when I was home (yeah, him face planting in the living room after the cops and EMTs left b/c he was so gd drunk he couldn't fucking stand up and walk was epic...I hate how things "went down" too.) He went on and on about how he's blocked from Christmas and he was blocked from seeing us off at the airport and basically just tried to guilt me into calling him and going back to being an enabler...but not this time. Until he calls and tells me he's ready for treatment, I have nothing to say.

Jules is in acquisition of assets only phase of her life. If you are a liability, you will be cut loose. It's just that simple. I'm finished taking care of others. If I didn't give birth to you, take care of your damn self.

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