Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today Gavin was blowing my phone up and I called him at a convenient time for me and realized that he was in town working. I agreed to meet up with him after work for a drink and some food and I was totally turned on by him. He was playing every part of me. I referenced Friday's convo regarding whether or not we would ever be together and his reply was that he's confident in himself. WTF???  I mean I wanted him right then and there, but I refrained. I managed to get home and he followed me into my room and fucked me 83 ways to Sunday in my pussy and my ass and then he came. After he left, I realized that Russell was already home...whoops. I may pay for it tomorrow, but it was damn sure worth it today!
He also brought up Kauai in September and how much he wants me to come...again, WTF??

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  1. Ok young lady Miranda and I are going to have to have a love intervention with you lol. These last few posts have me convinced that Gavin, somehow and someway, has found his way in to your heart - and not the 'I love him as friend' part of your heart so don't even start that with me!!!!!