Monday, July 25, 2011

He's a Dumbass but I Love Him.

Well I did get to see Coach this weekend but not quite in the way I expected.  Saturday afternoon playing basketball with his boys, he landed wrong somehow and sprained his heel.  Yes his heel.  WTF?

He managed to get the boys back to their mom and then drove himself to his parents’ house hoping they could take him to the emergency room because he couldn’t put any pressure on his heel at all.  As luck would have it, they weren’t home so he called me.  So I got to spend about two hours schlepping him to the ER, the pharmacy, and back home.

I told him today that the injury wasn’t an excuse for failing to follow through on us spending some time together with our kids.  (He got his kids back for several hours Saturday evening though he didn’t keep them overnight since he was hobbling around on crutches.)  I told him today that I wasn’t trying to rain on his parade but that I wasn’t ok with being shut out yet again from doing anything together with his kids and that it would continue to be an increasing source of tension between us until the situation was rectified.  Harsh maybe, but it’s true. 

Later today we were IMing and I asked him if he was going to be home for Gwyn’s going away party and he made a very poorly timed joke about going on a golfing trip with this guy friend of his who makes it a point to brag about how much he cheats on his wife.  Let it be known that I’ve expressed my clear disapproval of this friend’s activities lol.  I asked if he was kidding and the joke persisted for another minute or two before I called him up at work and gave him holy hell.  He tried to soothe me by apologizing for poor joke and swearing up and down he never would do something like that.

Alas, Miranda’s anger was too great to let him off easy and I had a mini-meltdown in my office though I did resist the urge to hang up on him after blasting him with the fact that he has the worst timing ever for joking (this isn’t the first ill-timed joke of his).  Now he’s groveling over IM trying to get me to be nice to him but he deserves to be punished so Miranda’s staying bitchy for a while yet.

As I predicted earlier this month, July has been hard for us.  Him being injured (re us not being able to have as much sex and him being on prednisone and extra grouchy because of it) and us not seeing each other as much has definitely thrown off the rhythm of our relationship the month.  We need to get it back on track tout de suite.  I think that coupled with my general dissatisfaction with life just makes it seem worse than it really is too.  After much lollygagging with the decision I think it’s time to bite the bullet and take my ass back to school so I can start working towards a nursing degree.  Changing jobs is not going to be enough to keep my happy.  Hold me to it yall!



  1. Glad you got to see Coach for a bit, but I agree that it wasn't under the best circumstances. And isn't it strange how guys make the worst jokes at the wrong time? I had a situation like that yesterday too. But we love the anyway right? lol

  2. I'm super proud of you for making the decision to go back to school!!!
    Hold you to what exactly?

  3. Hold me to changing jobs and going back to school lol.