Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Rarely Does it Pay to be Drunk and Irrational...

So last weekend was a long weekend at the beach with my mom and the kids – AKA a weekend with no sex lol.  We had fun though and Miranda is well on her way to becoming Juanita with my tan. 

Coach was in town for his first weekend with his boys and they stayed in my apartment, which didn’t make his crazy EX happy, but she also didn’t put up much of a fight.  A funny thing did happen with her though.  Thursday as I was headed to the beach Coach told me that the EX was going out to dinner to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  It just so happens that this friend is my sister’s BFF.  I texted my sister to see if she was going and she was so I gave her a heads up that the EX would be there.  (I’ve kept her in the loop about the crazy EX and all the crazy small town woman – many of whom she knows in passing – and how they’ve been.)  She told me she wasn’t worried.

That night after the dinner was over, I got a text from her saying it was just fine and everyone was really nice.  Friday when I told Coach that he had a slightly different version of events from the EX. Apparently the EX was the last one to get to dinner and when she got there, my sister introduced herself and this little exchange happened.

Sister – Hi EX.  It’s nice to meet you.  You know who I am right?
EX – Yes I do.
Sister – You know I’m Miranda’s sister right?
EX – Yes I do.
Sister – And you know she’s dating Coach right?
EX – Yes, I do and I don’t want to talk about it.

HA!  Though the EX did say that otherwise my sister was very nice to her.  It cracked me up because my sister is overly nice most of the time, I can’t really think of a time I’ve ever seen her be rude or aggressive towards anyone.  So it’s funny that she was throwing down the gauntlet up from so that everyone, including the EX, knew to not say anything negative about me.  Ah the joys of small town life! 

The other funny thing that happened while I was at the beach was that Coach was rightly focused on his boys so I didn’t hear from him as much as I was used to.  I expected less contact but it was severely less in my opinion. 

Friday there were a few texts and a quick call, Saturday even fewer texts, and then Sunday I got one text and I didn’t’ hear from him again.  As I sweltered on the beach, drinking more than my fair share of beers, I started to get really agitated with him.  I sent him a series of annoyed texts over the span of a couple hours and left a voicemail that was more than a little flip for him.  About 4:30 or so I finally got a call back from him. 

I was all ready to be short and ready him a riot act about the importance of communication in a long distance relationship when he told me he’d been in the ER all afternoon.  Playing with his kids that morning he’d aggravated his back injury he’s been nursing for a couple months and he went down like a ton of bricks.  He had to call his parents to come get him and take him to the ER for meds.  Sure knocked the wind out of my drunken sails!  HA!

I obviously let it slide though I did give him a mild lecture Monday night about how a big reason we are making this long distance thing work is because we do communicate well together.  And that while I certainly don’t except him to take attention away from his kids when he has them, he has to figure out a way to balance it all out.  That I’ve made plenty of room in my life for him even when I have my kids.  Then I did my best to nurse him because we all know men are huge babies! 

Thanks to the injury, I’m actually getting extra bonus time with him this week because there’s no way he can drive back to DC since he can hardly stand up right.  So I may have to be nursing him and I’m definitely not getting laid but its fun to have him at home when I come home in the evenings! 


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