Monday, July 18, 2011

Busted...Damn It

Gavin called me tonight and asked to come over and hang out. He'd asked earlier about dinner, but since he's a meat and potatoes guy and I'm now a vegetarian/pescetarian, he was not interested in what I was cooking. He noted Russell was home, but decided to come anyway and watch a movie with me on the couch. During the movie, we smoked and had some wine and then he reached over and pulled my shorts over to start licking me...and then Russell walked out to pee...awkwardness ensued.

I know he caught this one because he frowned at me and motioned for Gavin to get off of me. Damn it...clearly my judgement was lacking, but that's not an excuse...I need to learn better judgement and boundaries. Just not tonight... ;)

After an appropriate amount of time passed (and my movie ended), I met Gavin in my room for some fabulous, quiet, muffled sex. I licked him to get him hard again and then he commanded me to sit on his cock. We fucked like we did the other night where he let me ride him forever and then he stood me up and kept fucking me in a lovely bent over, standing position. He kept prolonging his orgasm and pulling out and/or stopping to keep going. Finally, I was ready for him to cum so I let him stop and I kept squeezing him until very loud sighs emerged from him and he came soooo hard.

I'll keep ya'll posted on what my consequences are for my actions. I did apologize (and I meant it), so I'm hoping that counts for something and Russell isn't too pissed about walking into the living room and seeing Gavin with his tongue in my kitty. Bad kitty, Bad puppy!

PS After seeing Owen Wilson in Hall Pass tonight, I'd like to recant my claims that my "Owen" looks like him. He mildly resembles him, but my "Owen"  is  soooooo much sexier, definitely more fit, and way more tan!!


  1. Never apologize for great sex...unless that apology will in some way lead to more great sex.

  2. LOL, so I shouldn't have apologized to Russell for walking in on that? It's weird when your roommate is your husband. I don't know that Miss Manners has a chapter dedicated to this. :)

  3. Pescetarian? I thought you told me you were Baptist? :)