Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Practice Makes Perfect

I finally had a successful trip to DC to see Coach! I went up last Friday to enjoy the July 4th weekend with him and we had a great time.  After two (or is it 3) aborted attempts to go up and see him it was quite a good weekend away.

Friday after hot sexting the whole five hour trip up he greeted me with a bear hug and a huge kiss.  I settled in my things (I’m one of those weirdos who have to unpack their clothes even for just a weekend trip) and next thing I realized he had me pinned on the bed and we had some hot reunion sex.  Then we enjoyed a delicious dinner and strolled around a little before round two.  Hey when your boyfriend lives 350 miles away you got to get it as much as possible when you can! For you guys keeping tabs on my sex life I’m oddly proud to share that this was the first time ever we had anal and it didn’t hurt a bit. I guess practice makes perfect. HA!

Saturday we walked a million miles in DC until I thought I was going to spontaneously combust in the heat.  It was so freaking hot!  When we got back to the hotel, Coach’s back was hurting so we grabbed some beers and headed to the hot tub. We ended up sitting in there for more than an hour and a half having this deep conversation about everything under the sun.  Then we went to a sports bar close by to grab a quick dinner and ended up watching UFC.  Having never watched it before, I was strangely fascinated by it and ended up really liking it. What’s happening to me??? Then of course there was more hot sex lol.

Sunday his back was still hurting so we just lounged around, had a late lunch, and hit the outlets for some shopping.  We also saw Bad Teacher (I give it a B+).  We were back lying around the hotel when we had a minor disagreement about how he was handling a smart ass comment his crazy ex said.  He seemed fine with it but it was irking me big time.  It kind of strained the atmosphere Sunday evening which sucked but we quickly made up and all was right with the world by the next morning. 

After an unexpectedly teary goodbye Monday morning I headed back to NC.  I was driving and texting (I know very bad) Jules complaining about how hard long distance relationships are.  Later I was talking to Gwyn about it too and I told her the hardest thing is that when a normal disagreement comes up (like Sunday night) you have to either squash your emotions so you don’t lose the precious time you have together or you deal with it and then end up frustrated that you lost time.  It’s a very annoying aspect of long distance relationships. 

Incidentally I realized that I was falling back into old Duckie habits and trying to tell  Coach how to solve his problems when I need to step back and let him handle it himself. He’s a grown man and can deal with the consequences of his actions.  It’s not my issue by any means so I need to just be supportive when he needs me to be and leave it alone otherwise.  You can thank my therapist for that realization lol.

July should be an interesting test for our relationship.  Now that he will have his boys every other weekend our time is going to be a little more limited than I’m used to.  There’s also the potential that we may go three weeks in a row without seeing each other which will really suck. I’m hoping it doesn’t play out that way.  Tomorrow I head out to the beach with the kids and my mom for the weekend. So while there will be no hot beach sex I expect there will be tons of hot sexting!


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