Friday, July 15, 2011

Burning the Candle at Both Ends

Monday coming back from the beach, I was planning my week out in my head and because I was in vacation mode, I totally didn’t think about anything that I had actually planned to do. 

So my dream Monday thoughts were, “Oh I’m going to have three nights of just coming home, one night of bartending, then Coach will hopefully be home and I’ll have a nice relaxing weekend.”

Fast forward to reality and this is what Miranda’s week has been like.

Monday – Home from beach, furious cleaning, and then taking care of Coach with his back injury.
Tuesday – Work (Gross), Gym, taking care of Coach
Wednesday – Gym, Work (Still Gross), Wine Wednesday dinner with the girls, sex with Coach (Yah!)
Thursday – Work (Absolutely disgusting), bartending at work concert, home falling asleep to avoid Coach who’s hopped up on prednisone and grouchy
Friday – Gym, Work (I mean really does the madness ever end), helping Gwyn get ready for the Hawaii yard sale, movie with previously grouchy Coach who seems to be coming down from the roid rage.
Saturday – Hawaii yard sale with Gwyn and one of my favorite girls, lunch with girls, Gym, home for approximately 2 hours, then cookout with friends, and night out on town with other friends.
Sunday – A serious coma is planned at the pool and a visit to the gym if I’m not completely comatose.

Shew!  It’s been a while since I’ve had a week like this and I can feel it!  Outside of sleeping, I bet I haven’t been home and awake for more than 2 hours any given day this week!  On the upside last night when I was bartending I made almost $90 in tips.  When it comes to old men, Miranda is one hot commodity.  I wore my cowboy hat (see the HNT from a couple weeks ago) a few weeks ago it made them literally insane. 

I miss going home to my quiet apartment!  I’ve enjoyed the extra (non-roid rage) time I’ve had with Coach this week but I’m admittedly yearning for a little alone time at home.  Guess I’ll just have to hold out for Sunday night when he goes back to DC.

It makes me laugh to think that I ran like this all of last summer and fall and I couldn’t hardly stay at home ever.  Gwyn actually lectured me and forced me to learn to spend time at home lol.  My how things have changed…


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  1. LMAO, you're comments on work had me cracking up! -Jules