Saturday, July 30, 2011

Just Pray

When my fairly affluent grandparents met my Daddy for the first time, this was the phrase my grandmother used in response to the meeting. "Just pray"...pray that he doesn't end up a part of this family. Today, my Mama met Gavin with much the same reception.

Both of them were very curious about the other, so I decided to let it go forth. I decided that it would be ok to introduce Gavin to my mother because I knew that if I didn't facilitate it happening, he would just show up at some point and better to do it when I had some control of it. He called me like 4 times this morning before I finally told him that we were at a certain beach and he could come by if he wanted.

He did in fact come by and chatted my Mama up the entire time, but when he left (after several redirection reminders of boundaries since he was talking to MY mama) she had nothing to say. This is my Mama's way of just keeping things pleasant. In true Southern lady form, if she doesn't have anything nice to say she usually will keep quiet.

At dinner and after several glasses of wine, Russell was sort of egging her on since he knew they had met and she finally asked what was the deal. I told her that he's just for fun. We're not going anywhere serious due to his lack of stable housing, lack of steady employment, and current gf situation and she was honestly relieved. She said "Oh thank God because I was having a 'Just Pray' moment!". She praised my "just for fun" approach (and if you've met the Mama you know this is HUGE as she does not typically approve of my whorish ways) and noted that he has an awfully hot body and good for me for finding someone so cute to have fun with (read fuck).

So, Gavin has the Mama seal of approval for a fuck toy but nothing more...ever. There you have it folks, there is the Mama's opinion. And on a funny side note, he's called twice since their meeting. Once I called him back and he noted how much he liked her. Sadly for him, the feeling is only semi-mutual.


  1. Aww for Gavin.

    Yaay! for you getting through it, and everyone being "pleasant".

    And I guess yaay! cuz it seems your Mom has become a little more accepting of you.


  2. I would have paid money, to see your Mom and Gavin together..but it had to have been a priceless moment!

  3. It was definitely a moment...rofl.

  4. You are a big girl now. You can make up your own mind about what man you want without needing your mama's seal of approval.