Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

Well if you read the comments, you all know that Jules is in the same PMS boat with Gwyn right now. I hate it for Chloe and Russell when we actually live together in a few months! I totally yelled at Gavin yesterday and honestly really haven't wanted to have sex with him in a few days b/c I'm just feeling like such a bitch. He's clearly gotten the vibe and due to his son's racing and stuff, he's blissfully kept his distance. That boy might be learning after all. ;)

I've been engaging in some healthy activities this weekend, hiking and such. I've been sort of pondering my life and choices. The poll has closed and 10 out of 17 respondents said that I really can't expect any man I date to accept the Gavin and Owen situations. I get that and fortunately for me, I'm soooo not ready to date anyone at this point. It did make me realize though that I will have to make some decisions when I am ready b/c clearly they are holding me back. We shall cross that bridge when we get there though.

Hope everyone has a fun, safe holiday! Once I'm not an evil PMS bitch anymore, I'll post some fun stories.

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