Saturday, July 9, 2011

High Times If You'll Abide

This is a reference to Sugar Magnolia by the Dead…one of my most favorite songs ever and appropriate title for this story! Thursday night, I came home worn out, exhausted beyond belief. I had a really busy week (even though it’s short) and had done more in the 3 days I’d worked and gone to school at that point than I had in months. I came home and literally collapsed on my couch. Around 6pm, I managed to muster some energy to go into the kitchen and make myself some yummy dinner. After eating I was walking back into the kitchen and I see my neighbor, you know the one we’ve all slept with, out in the yard watering my garden. I asked him if he wanted some dinner and he did and he asked me if I wanted some weed and I did.
I was about halfway into Mama’s Big Bottle (of wine) when he came over and he ate and we smoked. We were laughing and talking and such (which is unusual if I smoke with anyone but Russell) and Gavin called. I ignored his first call and decided to take the second one, which occurred simultaneously with him arriving at my house. He said he was here and wanted to come in and see me (read do sexual things with me). I told him to come on in.
He was shocked to see the neighbor there and that we were smoking and even commented on how he’d never seen this arrangement before. I told him it happened from time to time and it was cool. He sat down and smoked some too and we were hanging out, laughing, and such. Before Gavin arrived, the neighbor was telling me that he needs people to sell for him…hinting almost. I laughed and told him that due to my profession, I thought that could present a problem. He told me that he thought the most successful people in life are those that can maintain in both the legal and illegal worlds. I declined his opportunity, despite my yearning desire to be the Nancy Botwin of the North Shore. Ethics sure are a bitch sometimes. I have passed the opportunity onto Gwyn should she like. It’s good shit that would sell itself really.
So, neighbor gets the hint that Gavin didn’t just stop by to visit and talk story and he packs up his stuff to go (after very nicely confirming I didn’t want to smoke anymore). He tried to recruit Gavin into sales too, but according to Gavin there is an influx of weed up here right now and there’s no need to sell. Gavin asked me as he was leaving if I was sure I wanted him to go and inquired if he has interrupted anything. I assured him that he had not. I was super high at this point and I don’t remember all the details, but I remember asking Gavin why he was at my house. His reply came in the form of standing in front of me with his pants down. He asked if I would pleeeeeeeaaaaase blow him. I pulled him to me and took him in my mouth. He pulled my tits out of my bra and tank top and played with them while I gave him amazing head. He was super aggressive with me and was forcing himself into my mouth to a certain point. It was pretty hot, not like forcing in a bad way. He knocked over all sorts of things in the process, my wine and his beer went all over the floor, couch, and wall. It was intense. He finally came and I laid back out on the couch with the intent of just passing out. I was very tired and super mellow at this stage. I must have bored him because he kept trying to talk and I kept giving sleepy one word answers, so he hit the road and I hit the bed.
I had a horrible morning yesterday where my car died at an intersection coupled by the nicest man ever stopping to help me. Long story that isn’t relevant here, but Gavin called me in the mix of it and offered to come help me. I told him I had it handled and then he brought up the neighbor guy again. I assured him that I had slept with him once last summer when Gavin was gone to NJ and we were fighting anyway, and that I have no intentions of doing it again. He didn’t know about last summer, so this sparked all kinds of questions. He questioned why not again and since I still refuse to tell him Owen’s name (which did come up yet again during this convo), I decided to throw him one on this and fill him in on the Peyton Place link between him and Russell and Russell’s bf. He was surprised b/c honestly neighbor guy doesn’t look like he’d take it in the ass (but he does!). He got it after that and calmed down. I told him he’s really got to quit questioning me all the time. Then he randomly (and abruptly) told me that he’d brought me a coffee table over to the house  and invited me to dinner after work.

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