Sunday, July 31, 2011

Final Thoughts

I’ve blown up the blog this weekend so I figured I’d post one more update before I imagine I’ll enter some silent time as I lick my wounds. 

Late last night Coach did call me.  He tried to play the pity card hard about but I wasn’t hearing any of it.  He said he had called my bluff about showing up at her house because he thought no way would I actually take things that far.  He said he’d stayed gone and non communicative so much of yesterday because he knew I was going to be mad and he hoped I’d have time to cool down.  WTF? 

I asked him what he really expected to have happen after yesterday. Did he think I was going to be ok last night when he popped by to finally say hello? Did he think I’d just let it slide?  I told him he’d made his choice when he packed up his stuff and walked out yesterday.  He knew what was going to happen and he forced my hand.  He kept saying how sorry he was and that I deserved so much more.  And he’s right. I do deserve so much more, that’s why I had to do what I did.

He texted me a couple times after that and today. Just more of the same. He’s sorry and he’s hurting and he didn’t want this to happen. I’m not budging an inch though.  He did this. Not me.  I told him I hoped he went and got his issues handled because if he doesn’t, he may as well remarry the EX because no one is going to put up with all this shit.  

I’m sad, but not like last time. Mostly I’m mad and pissed off.  I hate that he turned out to be such a disappointment.  I had really started to think that there could be a future there, albeit down the road a ways.  It definitely had turned into a situation of loving his potential more than his reality.  It just sucks.  Even though it was the right thing, hell the only thing I could do to stand up for myself, my heart still hurts from it.



  1. I bet it won't take too long before you are just relieved to be out of this relationship. You gave Coach same valuable parting advice about not letting his ex still run his life. The good thing is that now you won't be tempted to try again so you won't waste any more time on him.

  2. It really pisses me off how he's trying to turn this around to make you look crazy...calling your bluff...taking it that far..wtf?? Lord, good riddance Coach! I'm glad you stood your ground!

    I am so glad you will be here with me in a month to sit on the porch and drink a ton of wine!!

  3. "It definitely had turned into a situation of loving his potential more than his reality."

    Shit! Shit! Shit! I hate when that happens.

    Clearly you do not make him choose between you and his kids, and that's wise. However, he lets the EX manipulate and pull his strings and she uses the boys to do it. I don't know how old his children are but he should also realize that he isn't their slave. He is allowed to have a life and should cancel his plans at the drop of a hat for mundane things just because the EX wants it or they boys want it.

    In the end, it is his choice and he often seems to make the wrong choice for your relationship.

    So sorry Miranda,


    P.S. Been there. Swore off dating men with kids. You have no idea how manipulative a 15 year old teenage girl can be.

  4. Correction:
    He is allowed to have a life and should NOT cancel his plans ...