Sunday, July 17, 2011

Virgin No More

Jules is no longer a virgin...with girls. Gavin and I went to another swinger's party last night. We were kinda off our game and oddly not feeling overly sexual when we got there. I'd blown him earlier in the day and we'd been hanging out drinking and smoking all day. I was totally wiped out yesterday and actually didn't even leave the house until we left to the go to the party. We get to the party and the sheriff guy was being really weird. There were a lot of fat people there and that was grossing us out (sorry if you're large...we're not into watching you fuck), but there were some hotties too. I thought this one guy was smoking hot, but about an hour into the party he and his gf came out on the balcony where Gavin and I were hanging out and started having a crazy fight, so thankfully we avoided that drama. There was another girl that I thought Gavin would totally be into, but he wasn't.

Then this hot older couple came out who were probably mid 40s. They were telling us how this was their first party but that they had been in "the lifestyle" for years. She was pretty and he was attractive and I could tell that there was a connection. We were flirting and hanging out and then another couple showed up that they are planning to hook up with next weekend privately through some website they are on. The pretty older woman herded the couple out to us and said "I know you guys will all hit it off too". We did and the girl immediately came over to my side and totally invaded my personal space, but in a good way. We talked for a while and moved back in forth from inside to outside the hotel suite b/c the sheriff kept waving around a "Quiet Please" sign. It was soooo weird and also very funny, which only made us louder.

At one point in the kitchen, I had my first girl kiss. She just got in my face and moved in, tongue and all. Gavin was loving it, as was her husband and the other couple. Incidentally, I still had all of my clothes on b/c as I mentioned Gavin and I had not been feeling the vibe until these couples showed up. I could tell he thought they were hot and I love that we didn't even have to talk about this next part, we just did it.

The older couple told us that they had a room right down the hall and asked us if we wanted to leave and go to their room. We agreed and headed down there. We walked in and immediately took off everything but our bras and panties and they guys stripped down to their jeans and shorts. The younger of the girls came over to me and pulled my bra down and started sucking my nipples. I love that, apparently regardless of gender. We were rubbing each other and kissing and took it over to the bed. She laid me down and worked her way down from my tits to my kitty. She started licking and fingering me and I was totally cumming. Gavin was standing behind her watching and that was also super hot and making me very excited and wet. He came over to me after watching a few of my orgasms and asked me to start blowing him. Her husband was on the other side of the bed taking pictures (which he promised didn't include my face, but I'd bet they did). After I'd cum a lot, he was talking about how much he wanted to fuck me when she finished. The other couple was laying beside us going at it already.

He comes over and gets on top of me and starts fucking the holy hell out of me. I mean like hard core fucking.  I totally squirted all over him (as I did every time he fucked me last night) and he kept going and going. It was awesome!!! Meanwhile, the other couple continued to fuck and then the younger girl started blowing Gavin and I watched him cum all over her face. At one point, I'd actually thought it might be awkward for me to watch him fuck someone else in front of me, but it wasn't. It was fun filled with lots of sharing and participation all around. As the night moved on, I was fucking the younger girl's husband again and she and Gavin were engaged in some 69 and fucking and the older woman came over and sat on my face totally out of the blue. It completely shocked me, but I went with it and started kissing and licking her. The guy finished fucking me and as he finished his wife was blowing Gavin again and this time he came all over her tits. Both of the other women had fake tits, which were strange to play with too (in addition to those being the first ones I've ever played with). Anyway, he came and her husband told me to lick it off her tits and clean her up. I complied and started kissing her again after.

We switched again and this time I was blowing and fucking the older guy from the other couple and his wife was fucking around with Gavin while the younger girl was fucking her husband. I swear the night was a blur of different sexual experiences. We all 6 fucked around with each other at one point during the evening. This portion of the evening ended with Gavin and the younger husband standing on the bed against the headboard while all three girls shared sucking their cocks. The closet beside the bed had mirrored doors and so at various points in the evening, it was hot to look over and watch it all happening. The men came and we decided to get dressed and all go out to a bar since we were out of beer.

I went into the bathroom to get dressed and cleaned up and when I came back out, the younger girl came over to me again and started kissing me against the dresser. She quickly got onto her knees and Gavin pulled my panties over for her to go down on me some more. That girl freaking loved my kitty...omg. She licked and fingered me as everyone watched and her husband took more pictures (the picture thing was a little weird until I saw some of them and they were very sexy, so I relaxed on it...I'm never running for office anyway.) I came again and then I took her over to the bed at the men's urging and licked and finger fucked her as Gavin fucked me from behind and she blew her husband. The other couple started fucking again and after she came for me, Gavin pulled me over to the edge of the bed facing him to suck him off again.

Everyone got dressed and we actually left the room this time and headed down to a club Gavin knew about. We got there and he pulled me over to the dance floor. Gavin is actually a really good dancer and we were having so much fun drinking and hanging out. We went and all sat in this big booth, talking, drinking, and playing around with the guys (in an appropriate way since we were in public). The girls and Gavin and I kept dancing and having a good time and at one point all the girls were kissing each other again in the booth until we realized the whole club was like watching us and then we pulled back. Gavin and I finally left the group and went to play darts (I won, by the way...both games.). One of the couples invited us to stay in their room, but we decided to head home around 3am. On the way, Gavin got pulled over for doing 80 in a 55. He swore he was doing 65, but the laser seemed to say different.

At home, we came in and smoked some more weed and I blew him a little more, but he couldn't cum again after 4 or 5 orgasms in one day. I've lifted the no smoking ban with him since he's been cool the last few times. He told me that he had a really fun time, but said he likes watching me more at these things than fucking other women there. I said I noticed that he was mostly just getting blow jobs from them and just a little fucking. I thought he would be stoked that there were finally women at one that he wanted to fuck, but he said he's happy with what he has right now, despite being given the opportunity for more. On that note, he headed home and I crashed into my bed at 4:30am. What a night!!! They invited us over next weekend to the private party, so stay tuned to see if there's a sequel to this one.


  1. Wow, sounds like you had a great night! I went to a Swingers party once. It was awhile ago, in a hotel in Waikiki. It really wasn't my scene at all. I didn't get naked or have sex with anyone. I've been invited again, but I'm not sure if I want to give it another shot. Oh and congrats on losing your virginity!

  2. What a great way to jump into the experience!!

    When are you going to post the pictures?

    he he he he

  3. Asian Girl - I bet it's the same group. It's been different every time we've gone...some nights more mellow than others. We both loved last night b/c it was what we've been expecting the whole time.

    Advizor - I don't know if I'll ever see those pics again, but if I do I will certainly post one or two as long as they are discrete! ;)

  4. Jules. I'm exhausted just from reading this. I don't know how you have the stamina for such sexual escapades. Glad now I'm not the only one of the three who have kissed a girl lol!


  5. I though this shit only happened in movies?!?


    Now I want to go to a swingers party...wait...can you go stag?

  6. Welcome back Kenny! Yes, you can go stag but it costs more. It's $40 a couple to go (they call it a "donation") and it's $100 for single men if the single man is approved. Now here's the imbalance, it's like $5 for single women to go and no pre-approval is required.