Tuesday, July 12, 2011

You're The Best

Last night, Gavin called me around 11:15pm and asked if he could come over for a little bit. I told him I was in bed, but yes he could for just a little bit since I had a super long day today. He did and again with the bleeding, so he got more oral services. Thankfully, that has ended today (thankfully for me).  He’s been very appreciative this week. As I was sucking him last night, he kept stroking my hair and telling me how amazing I am and how great it felt and how much I relax him. Then he told me I’m his angel. I stifled laughter on that one. Angel of what?? Blowjobs?
He called me around lunchtime today to thank me again for letting him come over last night and hang out with me in bed. I told him the car place had just called me about my car and asked if he could do a lot of the random crap they were “recommending” to me. He said of course he could and would be happy to for me. I told him he was the best. Then it started the “No, you’re the best”. It playfully went back and forth for a few and then he said in his serious voice “I really want you to know how much I appreciate you.”. I told him I appreciate him too. (Of course I wrote this at work today and when I came home to post it, I walked into my house lit up like a Xmas tree...every freaking light and fan left on with no Gavin in sight...I appreciated him a little less at that point.)
I love our thing. It’s easy and fun and satisfying. He really does a lot of stuff for me and I really do appreciate having him in my life. I’ve witnessed several friends going through mini-relationship crises this past weekend and I don’t envy that…if anything, it confirmed my stance on no commitments. I think it’s just too much pressure that people put onto each other (unnecessarily in my opinion).


  1. I was reading this and found myself nodding my head. You have a good thing with Gavin. I'm like this with most of my fwb too. I don't often write about it, but we do hang out outside of the bedroom and they have helped me do little things and errands, when I've needed them. I like things to be drama free and this works well for me too!

  2. You so love him. That is all ;) Oh and I've decided his girlfriend is either a - imaginary, b-a ruse to attempt to make you jealous, or c - something other than a girlfriend. - Miranda

  3. Well Jules I think I have to agree with Miranda on this one!

    Three posts in a row about Gavin and how much you 'love' your arrangement with him and how sweet he is and how fun he is and how good he makes you feel.....hmmmmmmmmmmmm sounds like some real feelings to me :)

    I'd also like to learn more about this girlfriend of his who lets him come and go as he pleases...do you think she really is that clueless or do they have an agreement about dating other people? I'm sure you've explained this before but I can't remember.


  4. LMAO, I swear to God she exists. I've seen her. They live together, but I think he's always come and gone as he pleased. I do think that she's that clueless or that she doesn't care. He's pretty much always cheated on her (reason #6 why I won't ever be his gf) and I guess it's the norm for her. I don't ask a lot of questions about it.
    I love our situation and I do love him, but I'm not in love with him. Why do I suddenly feel like I'm in HS?

  5. Jules and Gavin, sittin' in a tree...